‘Silver Surfers’ and Online Bingo

There are about three million people in Britain that spend hours chatting and playing online bingo every week. Online bingo has become one of Britain’s most popular online pastimes and currently is the second most popular online game in the UK. The online bingo industry is now worth over $2 billion annually and that number is expected to increase steadily. Advances in technology have taken the popular game out of high street bingo halls and into the realm of computers, laptops and smart phones. Because the games are available 24/7 avid bingo players should have no trouble finding a game.

The technological revolution has created a phenomenon known as a ‘silver surfer.’ By definition a ‘silver surfer’ is an over 50 players that is computer savvy and plays regularly. Last year several bingo halls in the UK participated in a program aimed at making most Britons computer literate no matter what their age. Inexpensive refurbished computers were made available to those interested and thousands of new online bingo players were created. In the minds of many land based bingo games are the domain of pensioners and online bingo is populated by younger players. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While a clear majority of online bingo players are young ‘silver surfers’ are becoming more common at most online bingo sites. Most ‘silver surfers’ say they play both live and online bingo games. Most say that they are surprisingly comfortable in the chat rooms and have become fluent in what is known as ‘bingo lingo.’ Bingo lingo is essentially a collection of abbreviations and short phrases used in most online bingo chat rooms. The real appeal of online bingo is that it provides players with lots of fun in a noncompetitive friendly atmosphere. Even better online bingo is one of the most affordable online games. At some sites bingo tickets can be purchased for as little as a penny.

Deposit bonuses help those on a fixed income stretch their limited resources. Weekly and monthly promotions add even more value. Many silver surfers say that they love the auto daub feature available at most bingo sites. The auto daub feature enables them to relax and chat while playing and eliminates the possibility of making a mistake. It is easy to find a reputable bingo site. Players can check the reputation of any site online at one of the many review sites devoted to online bingo. The number of ‘silver surfers’ is growing as more pensioners join in the excitement of online bingo.

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