Slingo CEO Scheduled to Speak at Two iGaming Events

Slingo is an online multiplayer game invented by Slingo Inc. in 1995. The popular game is a combination of slots and bingo. The game enjoys immense popularity and has been played by millions. Slingo Inc. was established in 1996 and was one of the first companies offering casual online games. The company has grown into one the largest cross media gaming companies in the world. The company develops and licenses games for the Slingo brand. The company’s offerings include casual and social games, casino slot machines, lottery tickets, table games and television programming. This year Slingo partnered with game developed Zynga to create Zynga Slingo for Facebook. Zynga Slingo quickly became one of the most popular games among Facebook users. Slingo games reach about 55 million players via casino slots, online, retail, mobile and other gaming platforms.

Recent news reports say that Slingo’s CEO Rich Roberts will be participating in two upcoming iGaming events. Roberts will be at the 12 th Annual Global iGaming Summit & Expo and the 7 th Annual Online Bingo Summit. Since the company’s founding Slingo has established itself as a premier gaming brand. The company offers multiple entertainment platforms which includes state lottery games and casino slot games. Under Robert’s tenure the company has established itself as an industry leader. Roberts will speak at the 12 th Annual Global iGaming Summit & Expo in San Francisco and will discuss strategies for monetizing skill, casual and social games. At the Online Bingo Summit in London Roberts will be one of four expert panelists discussing the “Future of Online Bingo.”

Slingo is played by 55 million players and the game is available through a variety of gaming platforms. Gaming platforms include online, mobile, casino slots and retail. Over 50 million Slingo games have been downloaded and about 5 billion Slingo games have been played online. Currently Zynga Slingo on Facebook has 14 million active monthly users. The game has 4 million daily users making the game one of Facebook’s fastest growing games. 80% of the Facebook Slingo players are women and spend an average of 34 minutes per visit. The rapid growth of Facebook Slingo has benefitted Slingo’s advertising partners.

The online bingo industry is looking forward to this year’s bingo summit. There will be workshops and several panel discussions that will help online bingo operators to discover new ways to attract new players and retain established players. Slingo’s CEO Roberts is sure to make a great contribution to this much anticipated event.

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