Smart Phone Security For Bingo Players

Most industry experts believe that mobile gaming will drive industry growth in 2012. Mobile bingo applications have been wildly popular in the UK and the United States and millions play online bingo games on their mobile devices. Mobile bingo is amazingly convenient for players and players can fund their bingo accounts in a variety of ways. In addition to credit cards and online payment processors mobile bingo players can also fund their accounts via their monthly phone bill at some bingo sites. This option would work well for American players since it is illegal in the US for banks and credit card companies to process internet gambling related transactions. Most of the major internet bingo operators now offer free mobile applications that can be downloaded for free.

In addition to convenience mobile devices are safer than PC’s which can easily be infected with viruses and malware. Unfortunately the same people who write code for malware are now working on malicious code for mobile devices. For bingo players using desktop and laptop computers there are many excellent free programs that provide protection against malware infections. In 2011 Google pulled the plug on 58 malicious mobile applications that had infected an estimated 260,000 Android phones. Google said that most of the apps were designed to steal a phone’s unique identification number and use that information to access personal data.

How common are these malicious apps? In March 2011 a dishonest publisher took 21 popular free apps and injected root exploits into the apps. There were between 50,000 to 200,000 downloads in just four days! For Android users one security expert offers the following tips to keep Androids free of malware.

Research the publisher of the application. What other applications does the publisher offer? If any apps look shady then it is best to stay away.

Read reviews of the apps online. Android market reviews are often biased. Check reputable websites for information before downloading any Android app.

Check app permissions. When an app is downloaded a list of permissions is usually provided. If any app is asking for more permissions that are necessary to do its job the app should be avoided.

Avoid installing Android Package files directly. (APK’s) Do not install APK files that users randomly come across. The user will not know what the file contains until it is installed and then it is too late.

Put a reliable malware scanner on the phone. Although many people think that such scanners are not necessary it is better to be safe than sorry.

Many security firms are reporting an increase in malware targeting smart phones. In 2011 there were over 1,000 malware programs targeting Android phones and security experts say that smart phones are becoming attractive targets for hackers because of the financial data they store and their vulnerability. Internet bingo players using smart phones need to do a little homework to stay safe. Fortunately the internet is full of information that will protect smart phone users from infection and stolen data.

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