Social Networking and Internet Bingo Marketing

Internet bingo companies have been quick to identify new trends and adopt new technologies. The increased use of computers has had a profound impact on society around the world. The internet is global in scope and enables people from different nations and cultures to communicate instantly for a very low cost. The increase in the use of social networking sites such as Facebook indicates that people are using these sites for a wide variety of activities. There are over 500,000,000 Facebook users and internet bingo companies have been quick to take advantage of the opportunities provided by social networking websites.

Bingo has always been a social game and bingo sites are doing everything possible to establish bingo ‘communities’ among online players. The ability to play bingo with friends has always been an important aspect of the game and many players value the social aspect more than winning. Many bingo companies originally started off as gaming portals offering players a few bingo games and little else. As broadband access increased and computers got faster bingo sites were able to add more interactive features such as chat rooms. Chat rooms were an instant hit with online bingo players and many improvements have been made since the first bingo chat room was launched. Bingo sites went to great lengths to make sure that the social needs of players were met.

Bingo sites added additional tools such as auto daub which eliminated the need for players to mark their bingo cards manually. Bingo sites were faced with the problem of how to expand their player base and attract and retain new players. Traditional advertising can be extremely expensive so many bingo sites turned to internet marketing techniques. Bingo companies searched for a platform where they could display their games and technologies to a wider audience. Facebook allowed bingo sites to do just that. Although Facebook has a strict no gambling policy many bingo sites set up fan pages and some bingo sites have developed individual Facebook bingo applications that provide players with free bingo.

Facebook pages offer bingo sites two major benefits. Facebook bingo pages allow bingo sites to showcase their games and bonuses and promotions offered to players. Players can play free games and then decide whether they want to log on to the bingo site and make a deposit and play for real cash. The second benefit is massive publicity. As has been mentioned Facebook has about a half billion regular users and many of these are potential online bingo players. Facebook is an inexpensive and efficient marketing tool for bingo sites.

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