Spanish Bingo Market Rapidly Expanding

In Spain, online bingo has gained in popularity and many believe it will be the largest online bingo market outside of the UK. Many online bingo providers have already entered the Spanish bingo market with some success. In an interview with Bullet Business Juan DePedro, manager of the Spanish online bingo portal Que Bingo has advice for those contemplating entering the Spanish online bingo market.

Mr. DePedro has pointed out that many of the online bingo sites operating in Spain are mere translations of UK bingo sites and bad translations at that. Spain has many local dialects and Mr. DePedro has stated that to be successful in Spain online bingo providers must address the needs of local players. Mr. DePedro stated, “Most of the early pioneer sites in the Spanish markets were just translations of the UK/US sites, sometimes very bad translations.”

Mr. DePedro, who will be a speaker at the Online Bingo Summit in London this June, has other suggestions for bingo providers entering the Spanish market. Que Bingo has been in operation for just over a year and has covered the evolving online bingo market. Mr. DePedro has said it is absolutely essential to localize new online bingo sites. Transactions must be in the local currency and chat leaders must use the local language. Advertisements, banners, content, and terms and conditions must also be in the local language.

Like anywhere else, Spanish online bingo game players must be entertained. Mr. DePedro has said that entertainment is very important to Spanish players in choosing an online bingo site to play at. Mr. DePedro stated, “If you only offer them a big prize but they don’t get the feeling of having a good time, they won’t stay long at your site and they won’t come back to play on it.”

Online bingo is rapidly becoming the most popular online game in Spain. Online bingo providers considering the Spanish online bingo market would do well to listen to Mr. DePedro.

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