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Spot the RogueWhen playing live bingo games players have immediate access to the bingo hall manager to resolve any player issues and complaints. Most bingo halls want to guard their reputation at all costs. Face to face interaction puts a player’s mind at ease. The manager knows that the hall is a part of the community and if any wrongdoing takes place the entire community will hear about it. In the online bingo world things are a bit different.

In most cases online bingo sites are not situated in a town center. In many cases the operators are located in another country and face to face interaction is not possible. Some operators have been known to ignore player complaints and some online operators are not as concerned about their reputation as live bingo halls. There are several factors that can undermine the credibility of a bingo site. These include; unnecessarily long payment processing times, nonpayment of legitimate wins, and failure to live up to agreements with affiliates. Other factors include excessive wagering requirements and the use of ‘ghost’ players.

Sometimes it is not clear who to contact if a problem occurs at an online bingo site. At many sites there is no physical address listed. Most websites do not list the actual manager of the virtual bingo hall. Sometimes the player support team has been farmed out and is not in a position to handle problems. Some watchdog sites say that most player issues stem from the player misunderstanding the terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Players should look for sites with terms and conditions written in plain easy to understand English. If they are written in legalese it is probably better to find another site. In the past some sites deliberately misled players but industry competition has put an end to that.

Many complaints are legitimate. Some players have been asked to pay ridiculous fees to withdraw their winnings. At some sites a player’s ‘cashout’ request will go unanswered for weeks and even months! In many cases complaints have been made about bingo sites ‘licensed’ in Costa Rica. These sites say they are ‘licensed’ but they actually have a business license, not a gaming license. According to one source 80% of all player complaints are about sites located in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no regulatory body for gambling and the country has been a haven for bad actors for years.

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