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Playing bingo is all about fun, but occasionally you’ll stumble across sites that are out there to make money from you, and aren’t altogether legitimate. Alternatively, you may come across a site that has the best intentions but is so badly organised, you won’t ever see any winnings that you do make. Here are some top tips to staying safe online.

Free Play

You should be wary of any company that asks you to deposit money to open an account, especially if you just want to play for free. Look for deals like free bingo no deposit at Costa Bingo, one of the better sites around. This has two benefits, firstly, you don’t have to risk any money to play, and two, you can get a feel for the games for free, before moving up to the cash options.

Big Money

Online bingo is a burgeoning industry and extremely popular…however, there are realistically enormous prizes and there are unrealistically enormous prizes. Never open an account on the promise of some huge money games, firstly, they may be too good to be true, and secondly, even if they do exist your chances of winning are absolutely negligible.

Password Protection

Never give out your password to anyone, and don’t write it down. Also, avoid automatic log-ins. The best thing that you can do, with any password in general, is to pick one that is based on the activity that you’re doing, or the company you’re doing it with. So, do something like (although obviously not this one) pick the first and last two letters of the company’s web address, and then count up the vowels and consonants and add them on the end. So, for example, a password for this site would be: bite55.

This way, you can always work out your password, and you never write it down – and, you’ll always have different passwords.

Governing Bodies

Make sure that the company you’re going to play with is licensed in Europe, and prominently displays its membership of some of the industry’s overseeing organisations.

And last of all…

Keep an eye out on websites like this one which give players the opportunity to air their grievances and alert other players about problems with certain sites. The odds are that someone else will have had a problem with a given site before you do, so keep an eye out for what other gamers say.

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