Staying Safe While Playing Bingo Online

Anyone who conducts business, shops, and banks or plays bingo on the internet, security is a major concern. There are cyber criminals just waiting to steal your personal or banking information. There are also those with malicious intent who just want to wreck your computers. In addition there are those who use the internet to sell fraudulent products. Cyber crime costs consumers billions of dollars annually. Internet bingo players should always ask themselves some very basic questions; who has access to my information and is the website I am playing at safe?

In the past there have been some shady websites associated with online gambling but fortunately the internet bingo industry has been relatively free of fraudsters. Recent advances and improvements in internet security programs and technologies make identifying rogue websites and criminal operations easier for players. Bingo news sites also keep close tabs on the industry and report rogue bingo sites. For players based in the US the problem is compounded by the criminalization of online bingo which puts American players at the mercy of unregulated offshore websites and casinos.

All kinds of bad things can happen to players at bingo sites. There have been cases of hacked sites pushing rogue security programs which can severely compromise a computer. A quick Google search will reveal the many rogue programs being pushed online. Generally what happens is that a pop up will appear that looks legitimate saying that the computer is infected. If the player takes any action at all including clicking the ‘x’ in the dialog box the program will download itself regardless of the player’s wishes. It is best to restart any computer when this happens and do not click on any part of the popup. It can cost hundreds to remove these malicious programs.

There are several ways to check out the reputation of any online bingo site. Sites offering bingo reviews are good sources as are bingo news sites. Forums at independent bingo review sites can be a great source of information and can help players avoid some unpleasant experiences. Casino and online bingo blog sites are also good sources for players. Players should also check the privacy policies of any bingo site they visit. Providing information to the wrong bingo site could result in an inbox full of unwanted spam. Just use common sense, do a little research and hopefully your online bingo experience will be a profitable one.

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