Study Suggests Massive Mobile Gaming Growth During the Next Five Years

An earlier report by Juniper about mobile gaming growth.

An earlier report by Juniper about mobile gaming growth.

Mobile Gaming: Trending Upward

Earlier in the year a survey and report by Juniper Research predicted that the mobile entertainment market will be worth $54 billion in gross revenues by 2015. The report also said that mobile gaming will be the fastest growing sector. Smart phones are now a part of everyday life for millions, possible billions, and the number of applications available is being credited with the recent surge in revenues. The report valued the mobile entertainment in 2010 at $33 billion. The report observed that the combination of app stores and smart phones has created a widespread awareness of the services available including social media, games, video and streamed music.

Big Changes in Store For Mobile Bingo

A more recent study by H2 Gambling Capital, a UK gaming research specialist, predicts a bright future for mobile gaming in the UK and Europe during the next five years. The research firm has been monitoring online gaming information for about a year and has published the results. The study pointed out that last year mobile gambling accounted for 9.8% of all interactive gambling and 0.6% of gross gaming revenues globally. Analysts made a conservative prediction that mobile gaming will increase to 12.9% of all interactive gaming and will produce 0.9% of the gross gambling yield by 2013.

Current Figures & Predictions

The report pointed out that last year the mobile gaming market was worth about € 2.22 billion euros. Analysts expect this figure to double to € 5.4 billion euros by 2015. This equals an annual growth rate of 19.3%. The report contains more interesting information. Betting on racing accounts for 77% of the global mobile gaming market. In 2010 the Japanese Racing Association accounted for 57%of the total horseracing market. The report predicts that during the next five years the focus will shift from racing to online casino gaming. The report says that by 2015 betting will account for about 50% of the mobile gaming market and mobile casino and bingo will account for about 40% of the total gaming market.

Tips For Mobile Bingo Players

Many Online bingo operators have already realized the potential of mobile gaming and have launched mobile applications for their games. Many industry experts expect mobile bingo to be the fastest growing sector of the online bingo industry well into 2011. Mobile bingo is now widely available in the United Kingdom and Europe. Players love the convenience provided by mobile bingo and players can play a quick game from anywhere a signal can be received. Mobile technology is rapidly evolving and who knows what the future may hold for mobile bingo?

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