Survey Reveals The Importance of Social Networking

A recent survey by Virgin Games revealed some very interesting gambling statistics about online bingo players and their social lives. It has been well established that most online bingo players value social interaction and a sense of community. Generally bingo players are a gregarious lot and enjoy socializing during bingo games online. At land based bingo halls talking is taboo once the games begin and anyone foolish enough to talk during games will incur the wrath of other players. Players at bingo sites happily chat away during games using the chat feature available at most bingo sites.

The survey involved 627 players and showed that about 44% of all players at Virgin’s sites had made online friendships while playing online bingo. About 18% of these players arranged to meet in person and 22% of all respondents said they share personal and family issues with their online bingo friends. 34% said that playing bingo online had improved their social life and an amazing 695 said that online bingo had replaced playing at land based bingo halls. Out of the 627 surveyed four players said they had formed romantic relationships and one wedding between online players had been arranged.

Alan Thomas, the head of customer relations management at Virgin stated “When we put out this survey we really had no idea what to expect. We are genuinely thrilled that our customers get more than a bit of fun out of playing at Virgin Bingo – it seems a number of them have truly enriched their social lives through new friendships – and in one case a wedding! There is a lot of focus on the negative impact of online gaming, I think this demonstrates for a lot of people it provides a point of common interest and can bring something to people’s lives.”

One player shared how playing at bingo sites had enabled her to cope with taking care of her husband who has Alzheimer’s disease and how playing online bingo had helped her to deal with adversity. The unnamed player stated “Since I became completely dependent on family for outdoor transport (plus my husband needs 24 hour care he has Alzheimer’s disease) my life has taken on new meaning through my bingo friends. If I need to talk, whatever time of day or night, there is always someone there either online, Facebook or phone so I am in contact 24/7. Even with family close by they find it difficult to provide the conversation I need, and there is no communication with my husband – so my bingo friends provide that link. I could not survive if I couldn’t have a moan and a groan and of course the laughs. Then of course there is bingo itself – I used to go to landline clubs several times a week – now I log on and play whenever I want with the chance of winning some serious money (which I have a couple of times I’m pleased to say).”

It is clear that the ability to socialize is very important to most players at online bingo sites. For those that are homebound online bingo has been a blessing. The survey by Virgin revealed just how much players value their online friendships.

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