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New Security Programs Identify Players and Location

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New Security Programs Identify Players and Location

New Security Programs Identify Players and LocationIn the United States one of the main issues internet gambling opponents cite is the possibility of underage gambling. Thanks to LaserLock Technologies those concerns have been addressed. LaserLock’s proprietary technology is designed to prevent fraud and counterfeiting through advanced authentication. . The new program will make it much easier for online bingo and gaming operators to identify the location of the player. LaserLock Technologies is based in Washington D.C. and markets security technologies to protect governments, health care providers, high end retailers, the gaming industry and documents. The company also produced programs that will protect branded products from counterfeiting. Because of the rapid growth of the online gaming industry there has been a constant demand for various security products.

Earlier in the year three states legalized online gambling; Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. The new American gaming market has fueled a demand for virtual identity verification processes necessary to enforce underage restrictions at online gaming sites.  LaserLock’s advanced authentication products use geo-location tracking and biometric facial recognition via webcams to ensure adherence to laws dealing with the legal age and location of players. Neil Alpert, President of LaserLock Technologies, stated “Verifying a player’s identity is a simple process in a casino, but has become a major hindrance for legislators looking to legalize Internet gambling.”

Alpert went on to say “In an online environment, the risks for fraud increase dramatically as there are few ways to truly verify identity, age or location. LaserLock’s patented technology brings Internet gaming companies a solution that lowers that risk substantially by verifying a player’s identity each time they play and by providing an ethical component that protects the user.” The ability to correctly authenticate a player’s identity, age and location will help mitigate the risk to operators posed by underage gambling.  Michael Sonnenreich, Chairman of the Board at LaserLock, stated “This platform is one of several potential game changers for LaserLock. The future will see more states legalize online gaming and LaserLock’s solution is all encompassing and ensures the security and safety of internet gaming that lawmakers, casinos and the public all demand.”

LaserLock’s player identification solution goes beyond the low regulatory thresholds in some jurisdictions and is designed to protect players and operators. The solution also features that allow players and casinos to monitor behavior to prevent problem gambling. The prototype is being tested at several online gaming sites.

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