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Bingo Millionaire Loses Home

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Bingo Millionaire Loses Home

In 2008 cleaner Soraya Lowell, 38, won a £1.2 million ($1,872,856.62 USD) bingo jackpot playing the National Bingo Game at her local bingo club in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. The next night she returned to the same bingo club and won an additional £200. ($312.268 USD) Lowell was also part of a lottery syndicate and won £43. ($67.1416 USD) Speaking about her luck Lowell said “I must be on a lucky run just now but I still can’t get my head around that amount of money. It just won’t sink in at all.” After her big win Lowell said she planned to split her winnings with bingo buddy and neighbor Agnes O’Neill who was with her when she won the National Bingo Game jackpot.

Lowell’s luck appears to have changed recently. News reports say that Lowell has been evicted from her £150,000 ($234,274.13 USD) home just three short years after her big win. Lowell had purchased the home after winning the huge bingo jackpot. Reports indicate that somehow Lowell has managed to waste most of her winnings and has been forced to move back to her £35,000 ($54,735.70 USD) council house that she shared with her husband prior to her bingo win.

The Bank of Scotland is taking Lowell and her husband to Hamilton Sheriff’s Court for being ‘in default’ of their mortgage agreement. Friends and neighbors were surprised to learn of the couple’s misfortune. A family friend stated “There had been rumours that Soroya had been having a bit of trouble financially, but nobody knew the extent of it. She only moved a few streets away so everyone still saw her out in Hamilton, but the news of her having her home repossessed is a bolt from the blue. She kept on her old home and you see her and Frankie going in and out, but nobody thought anything of it. Soroya and Frankie have also got rid of an ice cream van which they bought. Their life has changed a lot since they first won.”

After the couple failed to contest the Bank of Scotland’s action Sheriff John Miller ruled in favor of the bank. The couple has the opportunity to recall the decision before the bank takes control of the property. Neighbors at the Lowell’s new property said that no one has been at the house for weeks. One neighbor commented “The garden is in a bit of a mess and there’s not been any sign of life in the house for a good while now.”

Currently the National bingo game is not available as an online bingo game but there have been a few internet bingo millionaires in recent years. It is just a matter of time before the national Bingo Game goes online.

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How to Learn 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo is a random game of chance where players try to match the numbers called to numbers on bingo cards. In the US most bingo games are 75 ball games. The 75 ball version of the game was invented by Edwin S Lowe in the 1920’s and was originally called ‘beano’ because of the beans players used to mark the numbered cards. In the US bingo is mostly associated with churches and charities but during the last fifteen years commercial bingo operations have sprung up all over the United States. Many Indian tribes have huge bingo operations and some say that commercial operations are hurting charity bingo.

On the other side of the Atlantic 90 ball bingo reigns supreme. It is the most popular bingo game in the UK and also has a long history. 90 ball bingo was introduced by sailors and mariners on merchant ships and was originally called Tombola. 90 ball bingo cards are much different than traditional 75 ball bingo cards. 90 ball bingo cards have a grid that consists of three horizontal lined and nine columns. Each column has ten numbers starting with 1 through 10 and ending with 80 through 90. Usually 90 ball bingo cards are sold in ‘books’ of several cards or tickets. There are several ways for players to win. The highest prize goes to the player with a ‘full house’ which means that all of the numbers are covered. Lesser prizes are awarded to players who complete one or two lines. Tradition dictates that if there are two winners the prize is split between the two.

90 ball bingo is the dominant game at most bingo sites targeting the UK. Although most online bingo sites offer several kinds of bingo 90 ball bingo remains the most popular game at UK bingo sites and at live bingo halls in the country. The game’s simplicity contributes to its popularity and most new players learn the game in just a few minutes. At bingo sites most players will help newbies learn the game. Many bingo sites have free 90 ball internet bingo games and these are a perfect way for new players to learn the game. In addition to 90 and 75 ball bingo many bingo sites are providing players with 80 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo known as ‘speed bingo’ because of the rapid pace of the games. Even better, many bingo sites have launched new mobile applications and now players can play 90 ball bingo while on the go!

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Internet Bingo Has Global Impact

Many people think of bingo as a European or American game. Nothing could be further from the truth and there are over 100 million bingo players globally. Bingo is a game that is well over five centuries old and most people have played a version of bingo at some point in their lives. Until recently bingo was the domain of senior citizens and pensioners but thanks to the internet all of that has changed. The success of bingo lies in the game’s ability to adapt to new technologies and changing times. The internet has allowed bingo to travel to countries and cultures where it was unknown until recently.

At many bingo sites hundreds of players participate in games every day. Some progressive jackpot internet bingo games have attracted thousands of players for a single round of games! The United Kingdom has the most bingo players followed by Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia. Because internet bingo is available 24/7 players from all time zones can find games to suit their schedule no matter where they are located.

Bingo is gaining in popularity in Spanish speaking countries and in South America. Bingo is popular in Argentina and the first bingo halls just opened in Brazil. In Italy the future looks very bright for bingo sites. Internet bingo is now available in several languages and as internet bingo spreads the number of available languages will increase. In India gambling is illegal but fortunately the internet provides gambling without borders to players everywhere. At the present time most bingo activity takes place in the state of Goa and cruises offering bingo and other casino games are popular. India is one of the premiere destinations for IT development, computer manufacture and software development. Since a sophisticated infrastructure is already in place internet bingo could have a very bright future in India. Several UK bingo sites have reported extensive game participation by those located in India.

Bingo operators are always on the lookout for new markets and players. The recent expansion of bingo into Spain, Italy and Scandinavia has been very successful for bingo sites like BingoBoat. As the global recession recedes the number of players is bound to increase and bingo sites are ready. Many in the industry are predicting some very big changes in the bingo industry this year.

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Young Players Ensure Online Bingo’s Profitability

Research figures in the UK indicate that bingo sites like BingoHouse attract a much younger group of players. Study after study has confirmed this and the internet bingo industry is pleased with the new group of younger players who insure that the industry will remain profitable. About 40% of new players at bingo sites are new to the game. In the UK, bingo is no longer thought of as a game for the elderly and pensioners. Figures have also shown that the growth of the internet bingo industry has not cannibalized live bingo. In fact many younger online bingo players have started to attend live bingo games at local bingo clubs. Younger players have changed the face of many land based bingo clubs and in some of the larger cities certain bingo clubs have become ‘trendy’ with younger players and even celebrities put in an appearance at bingo clubs from time to time.

Most of the under 30 age group has grown up socializing on the internet which makes an online bingo game perfect for younger players. Most online bingo sites provide players with individual chat rooms and many bingo sites also have Facebook pages for players to socialize and leave messages for each other. Many bingo sites have become the preferred way for friends to stay in touch with each other. Those who play internet bingo games can post photos and share news and most bingo sites have photo galleries for players and special winners galleries.

Figures show that despite the decline of live bingo in the UK over 100 million people still play live bingo regularly around the world. Many younger players who would never have dreamed of setting foot in a live bingo hall now attend bingo games with friends and relatives. Most of these younger players became acquainted with bingo at bingo sites and are now devoted and loyal players at local bingo halls. For players at bingo sites industry experts are predicting big changes in 2011. More bingo sites will be offering mobile bingo games so players can play their favorite game anywhere they have internet access. Many sites will add new interactive technologies such as web cams and live bingo callers. Many bingo sites have added live video feeds, social media tools and some are even adding 3D technology. Bonuses will get bigger too and more bingo sites will be offering free bingo to new players. Younger players insure that online bingo will be a profitable business for many years to come.

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Bingo for Seniors

Many seniors have played bingo for decades and some seniors are unable to attend live bingo games because of health or mobility issues.  Studies have shown that playing bingo is good for seniors in many ways. Playing bingo relieves the symptoms of depression, provides much needed exercise for the brain and in some cases can actually delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. A recent study by the National Health Service in the UK clearly showed that playing bingo can reduce the length of a hospital stay. For many seniors that cannot attend live games internet bingo can be a good substitute. Many seniors have limited computer skills but fortunately these are easily learned. Internet bingo games are very user friendly and are one of the easiest online games to play.

There are many game sites designed specifically for seniors and pensioners. Most of these game sites offer players bingo in addition to other games. By playing games seniors can learn valuable computer skills that will enable them to play at commercial bingo sites. Best of all games at most bingo sites are very inexpensive and just about any senior on a pension or social security can afford to play at bingo sites. Games at bingo sites are available 24/7 and since many seniors have sleep disorders games at bingo sites can provide a measure of relief for insomniacs.

Having a social network is especially important to seniors. It has been clearly shown by several university studies that seniors with a strong social network live longer and are depressed less often. Most bingo sites have chat rooms where players can socialize during games. Seniors playing in chat room games can bond and make friends with a wide variety of players from around the world. For seniors who cannot attend games and events at a senior center online bingo can help them to stay connected to the outside world.

Online bingo sites provide players with an astounding variety of bonuses and player perks making the game very affordable. In addition most bingo sites offer free bingo and there are several bingo sites providing free online bingo for cash. Although most players do not get rich playing at bingo sites winning a game can be a real morale booster for senior bingo players. A quick Google search will reveal several websites specializing in providing games for senior citizens. All that is needed is an internet connection and a few dollars and seniors can enjoy hours of entertainment, socializing and fun.

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Las Vegas Brings Bingo Back

When most people think of Las Vegas bingo is the last thing on their mind. Most people think of Las Vegas as a place for hard core gamblers and casual vacationers. Vegas casinos have it all; poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and other table and casino games. In recent years some Las Vegas casinos have been hit by declining revenues caused by the global recession and are trying to lure players back to the casinos. A few casinos think they have found the solution to declining revenues – bingo.

Binion’s is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. In 1951 Texas gambler Benny Binion launched the popular casino with the philosophy, “Good Food. Good Whiskey. Good Gamble.” Benny introduced the Horseshoe in Vegas’s “Glitter Gulch” and the rest is history. Like many other Las Vegas casinos Binion’s was hit by the recession and looked for ways to boost profits. Recently Bingo came back to Binion’s after a long absence. Binion’s has opened a new bingo room in the middle of the casino and will run six bingo sessions a day with 13 games per session. Binion’s spokeswoman Lisa Robinson said the return of bingo is part of a move by TLC Casino Enterprises to add games to boost revenues. Many other Las Vegas casinos have started to offer bingo for the same reasons.

In addition to live bingo some US casinos have launched bingo sites. In 2010 Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment, Inc launched Caesars Bingo which at present is only available to UK residents. Harrah’s recognized the potential of the UK bingo market and launched the bingo site in March 2010. Harrah’s online bingo sites will also offer exciting slots, roulette, blackjack and baccarat using the latest state of the art technology. Harrah’s is the first Las Vegas gaming giant to enter the lucrative UK bingo market. Harrah’s partnered with gaming technology provider Gamesys to create and launch the new bingo site.

Harrah’s is entering a highly competitive market but the company’s brand is well known and trusted. Harrah’s operates casinos globally and is one of the world’s largest gambling companies. Promotions at the bingo site will include all expenses vacations to Harrah’s in Las Vegas. In the meantime Las Vegas casinos are bringing bingo back to the gaming floor. Las Vegas bingo is not the typical Midwestern grandmother’s bingo. Vegas bingo is more intense and entertaining and several casinos have re introduced internet bingo games with great success.

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Bingo Sector Shows the Importance of Casual Gamblers

A recent report showed that in liberalized online gaming markets casual gamblers provide operators with the most revenue. Operators of online bingo sites have long known this and the rest of the online gaming industry is starting to realize the impact casual gamblers can have on gaming markets. A new study titled “Casual Gaming and Gambling on the Internet” shows that 85% of all online gaming operators will focus on casual gamblers this year. Operators seeking new revenue streams will most likely turn to gamblers found in social networking sites.

The report points out the heavy investment of gaming giants Party Gaming, 888, Playtech and others in online bingo sites where casual gamblers dominate. The heavy investments are an indicator of the importance of the casual gaming demographic. In the past most online gambling sites, except bingo sites, targeted hard core gamblers and high rollers and industry observers who have witnessed the astounding growth of the online bingo industry have taken notice of the importance of casual gamers who play internet bingo games.

The success of Zynga Poker is dominating industry discussions. The highly successful social gambling site has over 36 million active users and between 200,000 and 400,000 players at any time, significantly more than at the most popular poker rooms. Fantasy sports and skill gaming are viewed as a strategic tactic to enter restricted markets such as the United States which has strict online gambling restrictions. Online lottery and numbers games are seen as an untapped market for online operators. It has been estimated that the online lottery and numbers game market could generate $5.5 billion dollars in gross revenues by 2015.

The report’s co author Martin Oelbermann said that at present the lottery and numbers games are dominated by state operators but that could change very soon. Oelbermann stated, “Large private operators will soon discover online lotto and numbers games,” Oelbermann forecasts. “What started in 2009 with hefty investments in bingo will spread to lotto and numbers games – maybe already in 2011?. Gross revenues for both the retail and internet numbers game market are estimated at about $100 billion dollars.

The rapid growth of bingo sites has prompted the interest in casual gamblers. Internet bingo players generally play once in a while and gambling addiction is almost unknown. In addition bingo is seen as a ‘soft’ form of gambling which attracts the casual gambler. It would appear that once again the online bingo sector has pointed the way for the entire online gaming industry.

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30 Ball Bingo and Its Sudden Popularity

Over the years several variants on the traditional 75 ball bingo game have been created. In the United States the 75 ball version is the standard game but across the Atlantic several different bingo games are commonly played. In the UK, Australia and New Zealand 90 ball bingo is the standard game played at most bingo clubs. In the late 19th century the 90 ball version arrived in Britain and was known as tombola and housie-housie. When bingo went on the internet most bingo sites offered players both versions of the game.

Other variants appeared most notably 80 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo, also known as ‘speed bingo.’ 30 ball bingo cards have nine squares on a 3 X 3 grid. 30 numbers are called during a game which makes 30 ball bingo much faster than 75 and 90 ball games. Most players love the fast paced action of 30 ball bingo. With a progressive jackpot thrown into the mix 30 ball bingo can pack quite a punch for players. Those who play internet bingo love the fact that more bingo games can be played per hour giving them a greater chance of winning a 30 ball bingo jackpot. 30 ball bingo is not commonly played at live bingo halls and is available almost exclusively online.

Although there are few possible patterns in 30 ball bingo most players believe the adrenaline rush provided by 30 ball bingo more than compensates for the lack of cleverly designed card patterns. At the present time the only winning pattern in 30 ball bingo is a ‘full house’ where all of the squares are covered. When 30 ball bingo was first introduced at bingo sites some believed it would be just another passing fad but history has proved the naysayers wrong. Many bingo sites report that 30 ball bingo is a favorite among their players and the game has helped to boost profits at some sites because of its popularity.

30 ball bingo games with progressive jackpots can produce some pretty impressive cash prizes because of rapid growth. Thanks to the instant popularity of the 30 ball game at bingo sites many expect the development of even more variations on the old game of bingo. Every bingo variant has been well received at bingo sites and most online bingo reviews of 30 ball bingo games have been positive. With the rapid advance of technology who knows what bingo games will be developed in the future?

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Online Bingo and Player Odds

Gamblers have been seeking magic formulas for winning for centuries and so far no one has succeeded. Think about it for a minute; if someone had come up with the perfect formula for winning a certain game or games the world would be full of gambling millionaires and billionaires. There are certain games such as poker where skill is a factor but most gambling games have too many variables for a simple mathematical formula to be devised. Online bingo is a very simple game to play and there are many subtle variables that change the odds with each game. On expert said that the odds of winning any internet bingo games are proportionate to the number of players in any game at online bingo sites.

There are some myths associated with online bingo. Some players believe that the odds of winning games at online bingo sites increases when certain numerical patterns are in play. Bingo odds are difficult if not impossible to predict and put into a simple formula. The odds of a number being called that will match one on a player’s card are the same as any binary activity-50/50. The only element of skill required to play bingo is the ability to mark cards accurately as the numbers are called. At online bingo sites this is not a concern because of the auto daub feature found on most online bingo sites.

As has been mentioned the odds of winning a game at an online bingo site is directly proportional to the number of people playing the game. The fewer the number of people playing the better the odds of winning but in many cases the payout will be smaller. At land based bingo halls the payout from small bingo games will always be smaller due to legal requirements and operating expenses. One of the advantages of playing at online bingo sites is that the number of players in any particular game is not limited to the number of people who can fit into a land based bingo hall. This means that the jackpots can be huge especially progressive jackpots.

What makes playing at online bingo sites so exciting is the games randomness and unpredictability. Since no two bingo cards are alike it is impossible to predict the outcome of any game or calculate the odds of any game mathematically. Online bingo is probably one of the fairest gambling games on the internet. Because bingo is so simple the nature of the game makes it difficult for unscrupulous operators to manipulate. Everyone playing at online bingo sites such as BingoHouse has an equal chance of winning that big jackpot!

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Why Are Most Bingo Players Women?

It is hardly a secret that most bingo players are women. In the UK women account for about 70% of all bingo players and globally the figure is even higher at 80%. According to most bingo news sites most internet bingo players are women. Despite the development of new bingo games that appeal to a wider audience the stereotype persists of the typical bingo player as a member of the ‘blue rinse’ set as older ladies are known in the UK. Bingo in the UK has attracted many younger players and in some bingo halls Sunday night jackpots can be over a million pounds. There are many reasons why most bingo players are women and here are just a few gleaned from several bingo news and bingo review sites.

Persistent stereotypes have caused many men to reject bingo as a leisure activity. Many men do not play bingo for fear of ridicule from their peers. Many men do play at bingo sites privately and there are even a few bingo sites devoted to male players. Some male players even go so far as to play online bingo using female screen names. Thanks to the advent of online bingo and the development of youth oriented bingo games such as Rebel Bingo the game is losing its image as a game for little old ladies. In fact bingo is now the most popular leisure activity for UK women aged 18 to 30. Men who are tired of the bar scene and are looking for a nice woman would do well to frequent bingo halls and online bingo chat rooms.

Many women have a lot more leisure time and play bingo more often. Although women have entered the workplace in record numbers in most societies men are still the breadwinners. This means that housewives have more leisure time to play bingo. Playing bingo offers potentially high returns for small wagers and since women gamble less than men the low cost makes both land based and online bingo more attractive to female players.

Women are more social than men and bingo is a social activity. Internet bingo games offer women the opportunity to socialize with each other and make new friends. Men are more likely to watch sports and engage in other activities they consider ‘manly.’

Bingo is a great stress reliever for harried housewives and professional women. Playing at bingo sites is a great stress reliever and several studies have shown that bingo can significantly reduce stress levels.

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