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Fantastic September Promotions at BingoHouse

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Fantastic September Promotions at BingoHouse

Fall is almost here and the long Labor Day weekend is just ahead. All around the world busy moms are making preparations for the upcoming school year. After all that hard work it’s time to relax with a good game of bingo and this month BingoHouse is hosting some very special events. Even better BingoHouse is offering some very generous Saturday deposit bonuses all month long. The fun begins with the Labor Day tournament that takes place on Monday September 5th. Tournament games will take place in the autumn bingo room from 6PM (ET) to midnight. The Labor Day tournament will begin with a $50 free game will consist of starting multi part games, $10,000 coverall games and a mid hour High/Low game. Cards for this exciting tournament are only 75 cents. During the tournament every hour will start with a $50 free game. Bingo tournament games will feature special Labor Day patterns.

Bingo Coverall

On September 24th BingoHouse is hosting a major bingo event. The 50K coverall and $10K minimum games will start at 8 PM (ET) with three $1K Guaranteed Games as Top of the Hour Games. The main event will start at 11 PM (ET) and is a bingo event not to be missed. Coverall games are popular with players because of their simplicity. Coverall games with jackpots this large are rare and BingoHouse is pleased to host this event. For those that have never played coverall games, or blackout bingo, coverall games require players to cover all of the spaced on the card to win. The card must be covered within a certain number of calls. Usually 50 to 60 of the 75 bingo numbers are called before there is a winner. Don’t miss these exciting games.

Bingo Deposit Bonuses

Throughout the month of September BingoHouse is giving current players some very generous deposit bonuses. Every Saturday huge bonuses will be awarded to players depositing $100 or more. On September 3rd and the 17th all deposits over $100 will receive a 500% bonus during the Bonus Blowout promotion. On September 10th and 24th deposits of $100 will receive a 300% bonus as part of BingoHouse’s Bonus Bonanza. This is a great opportunity for current players with low account balances to boost their balances. As usual all new players will receive a 500% bonus on their first deposit at BingoHouse and all new players receive $20 worth of totally free bingo. For more information on these promotions, visit the BingoHouse Promotions page.

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Bingo Sites Providing Long Term Value to Players

2011 started out with a bang for bingo providers and players. Internet bingo companies reported record fourth quarter profits and industry experts said that bingo sites will be offering even more to players this year. The series of severe arctic storms that battered the UK and Europe in November and December of 2010 have been cited as a factor in the bingo industry’s record fourth quarter profits. It would appear that millions of British bingo players stayed at home during the storms and played bingo in their nice warm homes. Bingo sites offered players some of the best seasonal and holiday promotions in December of 2010. The New Year saw even more promotions celebrating the New Year.

Bingo operators have taken note of a recent study that showed that while bingo sites go to great lengths to attract new players most do not have programs designed for player retention. The study showed that many players at bingo sites are looking for long term value instead of generous deposit bonuses. While online bingo deposit bonuses remain a valuable and time tested marketing strategy players are looking for long term benefits. In addition to deposit bonuses and promotions players are looking for cash back programs, daily, weekly and monthly bonuses and programs. Although most bingo sites have some sort of loyalty program most players say that bingo sites could do a lot better in providing player retention incentives.

In the past the main priority at most bingo sites has been attracting new customers. As has been mentioned most bingo sites like BingoHouse attract players with generous bonuses and player perks. Most industry experts say that the bonuses will remain and will probably get larger this year. Players can expect more free bingo and much larger jackpots. Social media will play a major role at bingo sites this year and players will be provided with more social media opportunities designed to facilitate communication between players. Bingo sites will also be adding more side games including new and highly original slot games. Many of these slot games offer players substantial jackpots for a very low wager.

Many bingo sites will be adding mobile applications to provide players with ‘bingo on the go.’  Mobile bingo has been very popular but at the present time only a limited number of bingo sites provide mobile bingo to players. Recession like conditions have continued and bingo sites are doing everything in their power to make internet bingo affordable for everyone.

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Enjoy Online Bingo & More at the Bingo House

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Enjoy Online Bingo & More at the Bingo House

If you’ve ever played online bingo, you know why it’s so incredibly popular. People that you never would have imagined sitting in a bingo hall are suddenly spending hours playing at online bingo sites. How can this be?

What’s so special about online bingo?

Until you’ve actually played online bingo on a user-friendly site like Bingo House, you’ll never truly appreciate all online bingo has to offer.

  • You don’t have to deal with driving through heavy traffic getting to your local bingo hall.
  • You don’t have to wait until “bingo day” as Bingo House and other online bingo sites offer nonstop online bingo.
  • You don’t have to spend any money if you would prefer to play for free.
  • You have the chance to meet many new people and develop lasting friendships.
  • You have the chance to win a lot of money playing bingo and you play at YOUR convenience and no one else’s.
  • If these aren’t enough reasons to start playing an online bingo game, you really need to check out Bingo House for yourself.

What Else Do Online Bingo Sites Offer?

When you join online bingo sites like Bingo House, you often get free cash to give you a little playing time while you decide if you want to play for money. If and when you decide to make a deposit of your own money, many of these sites will give you a deposit bonus. Bingo House, for instance, will triple your initial deposit. If you make a substantially large first deposit, you can be playing online bingo for a long time with their generous bonuses.

As enjoyable as online bingo may be, we all need a little change and variety from time to time and you’ll definitely find this at online bingo sites like Bingo House. In addition to online bingo, you’ll also find online slots, card games, video poker and more. The great thing about it is that for each of these online games, you’ll find a variety to choose from. If one doesn’t appeal to you, you can go to the next. Eventually, you’ll find your favorite so you’ll always know where to go when you need a short break from online bingo!

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