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Canadian Bingo is in Trouble

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Canadian Bingo is in Trouble

Canadian Bingo is in TroubleThe UK has a lively thriving bingo scene. Bingo has been a staple in Great Britain since the postwar years. In the UK the 60’s and 70’s are considered the ‘golden age’ of bingo in the country and just about every village and remote hamlet had its own High Street bingo hall. Since Canada was a former British colony one would expect the country to have an active bingo industry. At one time bingo was a big business in Canada but this is no longer the case.

At one time players could visit Planet Bingo in Vancouver and find a game in progress. Planet Bingo is the largest bingo hall in North America and in better years the hall was always packed. A reporter from the Globe and Mail recently visited the hall during the daytime and described the hall as ‘quiet.’ At night and on weekends the games are well attended but most say that the heyday of bingo in British Columbia is now a memory. There are several reasons for the decline. A smoking ban cut attendance at games drastically. The same thing happened in the UK in 2007 when a national smoking ban was imposed. Some halls lost over 60% of their regular players and many online bingo sites reported an 80% increase in the number of registered players.

British bingo halls have managed to make a comeback by remodeling old fashioned bingo halls and adding services designed to appeal to young nonsmoking players. Canadian bingo halls, on the other hand, have not made the same efforts to adapt to current conditions. Bingo halls are also losing customers to casinos with thousands of slot machines. An aging and diminishing player base is also putting the pressure on Canadian bingo halls. Annual bingo revenues in British Columbia have declined from $175.3-million in 2007-08 to less than $100-million just four years later.

Planet Bingo is run by the Community Gaming Management Association, which distributes bingo receipts to 80 local charities that depend on bingo for funding. Rich Coleman, the minister responsible for gambling in British Columbia, stated “It’s not like it was. It’s more appreciated, if we’re honest with each other, as a social game.” The minister was blunt when he said of bingo  “[Bingo] has a kind of a future, but it’s certainly not a major product line.” The future of bingo in Canada is uncertain. In Canada bingo halls must partner with charities to hold games. Since attendance and revenues are dropping some charities may have to seek government grants and other funding sources.

Canadian bingo hall operators may want to follow the lead of their British counterparts and add new technologies and modernize their halls to attract a younger group of players.

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Online Bingo – Finding the Best Bonuses

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Online Bingo – Finding the Best Bonuses

Competition in the online bingo industry is intense and online bingo operators are offering bigger bonuses than ever in an attempt to lure new players. Bonuses have been an effective marketing tool for online bingo sites and casinos for the past ten years. Some bingo sites require a deposit before the bonus money can be used and a few bingo sites offer totally free bonuses. Finding the best bingo bonuses can be a daunting task because of the sheer number of bonus offers. Fortunately there are several bingo review sites where players can find accurate information. For example players can go to Bingoport-New Bingo Sites and find out all they need to know about bonuses at selected sites. There are two common bonuses offered to players; free no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Free No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are awarded players for signing up at an online bingo site. Players do not have to make a deposit or provide the site with any banking information. At most sites the no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn but the free money can be used to play what are essentially free online bingo games.  No deposit bonuses enable players to test a site’s software without risking any of their own money. At many bingo sites players are allowed to withdraw money won using free bonus money. No deposit bonuses provide those new to online bingo the opportunity to learn the online version of bingo. Newbies can play free bingo games until they are comfortable with playing online. In addition many bingo sites offer players the chance to play online slots for free in addition to bingo.

Bingo Deposit Bonuses

Most bingo deposit bonuses are based on a percentage of a player’s deposit. For example a player making a $100 deposit at a site offering a 100% bonus will have $200 credited to their account. Most bingo sites offer deposit bonuses in excess of 100% and bonuses of 5005 are not uncommon. Even better most bingo sites offer players daily, weekly and monthly deposit bonuses. These can be a fixed amount or a percentage of subsequent deposits.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Players should make sure they understand the terms associated with bonus offers. Most bingo sites have wagering requirements before any funds can be withdrawn. There are several reliable review sites that have evaluated the bonuses at several bingo sites. Reputable bingo sites will always have their terms and conditions clearly listed in language that is easily understood.

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Cashing In with Bingo Loyalty Points

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Cashing In with Bingo Loyalty Points

Online bingo offers players giant jackpots, promotional events, generous deposit and re load bonuses and free bingo tournaments. In addition online bingo operators are providing players with even more incentives designed to keep them coming back for more bingo fun. During the last two years many bingo operators have turned their attention to player retention strategies. Experts say that player retention is essential for bingo operators if they are to survive in today’s highly competitive environment. Player loyalty programs are one way bingo providers can provide players with ongoing benefits and extra cash.

At most bingo sites players earn loyalty points every time they play. At many bingo sites players can earn loyalty points while playing side games such as online slots, video poker, keno, roulette and other side games. Once the points have been earned they are deposited into the player’s account and can be used to purchase bingo cards and in some cases may be converted into real cash. Some sites give players loyalty points after they sign up and make a deposit. In addition to earning loyalty points players can earn more points by referring a friend to the site. At some sites players can earn up to 5,000 loyalty points by referring a friend. Some sites keep refer a friend and loyalty points schemes separate while at others they are both included in the loyalty points program.

One of the most popular uses for loyalty points is exchanging them for cash. Once a player has earned enough loyalty points they may access their account and convert the points into cash. At some sites the cash may be withdrawn with other winnings while at other loyalty points can only be used to purchase bingo cards and play side games. At some bingo sites earning £1 may take 1,000 loyalty points. While this may seem like a lot players can accumulate loyalty points very quickly if they play regularly.

At many online bingo sites the most popular use for loyalty points is the purchase of bingo cards. Cards purchased with loyalty points are essentially free and can increase the player’s chances of winning a huge bingo jackpot. Players can also enter tournaments and progressive jackpot games using loyalty points. Progressive jackpots can easily grow to life changing amounts of money. Loyalty points can also be used for a variety of prizes including electronics, vacation packages and other branded merchandise. As always players should read and understand all of the terms and conditions associated with loyalty points programs.

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Why Are Most Bingo Players Women?

It is hardly a secret that most bingo players are women. In the UK women account for about 70% of all bingo players and globally the figure is even higher at 80%. According to most bingo news sites most internet bingo players are women. Despite the development of new bingo games that appeal to a wider audience the stereotype persists of the typical bingo player as a member of the ‘blue rinse’ set as older ladies are known in the UK. Bingo in the UK has attracted many younger players and in some bingo halls Sunday night jackpots can be over a million pounds. There are many reasons why most bingo players are women and here are just a few gleaned from several bingo news and bingo review sites.

Persistent stereotypes have caused many men to reject bingo as a leisure activity. Many men do not play bingo for fear of ridicule from their peers. Many men do play at bingo sites privately and there are even a few bingo sites devoted to male players. Some male players even go so far as to play online bingo using female screen names. Thanks to the advent of online bingo and the development of youth oriented bingo games such as Rebel Bingo the game is losing its image as a game for little old ladies. In fact bingo is now the most popular leisure activity for UK women aged 18 to 30. Men who are tired of the bar scene and are looking for a nice woman would do well to frequent bingo halls and online bingo chat rooms.

Many women have a lot more leisure time and play bingo more often. Although women have entered the workplace in record numbers in most societies men are still the breadwinners. This means that housewives have more leisure time to play bingo. Playing bingo offers potentially high returns for small wagers and since women gamble less than men the low cost makes both land based and online bingo more attractive to female players.

Women are more social than men and bingo is a social activity. Internet bingo games offer women the opportunity to socialize with each other and make new friends. Men are more likely to watch sports and engage in other activities they consider ‘manly.’

Bingo is a great stress reliever for harried housewives and professional women. Playing at bingo sites is a great stress reliever and several studies have shown that bingo can significantly reduce stress levels.

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