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Zynga Cutting Staff, Closing Offices

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Zynga Cutting Staff, Closing Offices

Zynga Cutting Staff, Closing OfficesIn late February game developer Zynga announced the company was cutting about 30 jobs and is closing or consolidating offices in New York, Texas and Baltimore. Zynga will focus on social games that can be profitable. Zynga Chief Operations Officer David Ko stated “While these decisions are always difficult, these steps will affect approximately 1 percent of our workforce and enable us to focus our resources on the most significant growth opportunities.”

In the meantime Zynga’s stock prices gained after Nevada announced the approval of online gambling regulations even though the company must clear many hurdles before Zynga can cash in on the legalization of online gaming in the US. Zynga’s attempts to enter the real money online gaming sector may be held back by US laws and regulations that favor existing casinos. In New Jersey Atlantic City casinos will control online gaming in the state. This could create big problems for Zynga which is trying to reduce its dependence on its current business model.

Currently Zynga offers ‘free to play’ games on Facebook that allow players to play the games for free but gives them the option to spend real money on virtual products and other in-game advantages.  In-game transactions are commonly referred to as “micro-transactions.” Zynga generates a large portion of its revenues from micro transactions. Investors became skittish after the company showed signs that the company had reached its growth potential limit with its free to play business model.

Last October Zynga announced plans to enter the online gambling industry. At the time Zynga seemed well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by online gaming but the rules regulating the United States online gambling market may cause big problems for the company. Last August Zynga launched real money games in the UK on Facebook. Even though the move was successful Zynga is still cutting back. Currently Zynga employs about 3,000 people and is closing down two Texas offices and will relocate employees to offices in Dallas and North Austin. The company is also consolidating two offices in New York.

Last December Zynga filed a “preliminary finding of suitability” with the Nevada Gaming Control Board which is only the first step in obtaining a Nevada interactive gaming license. Zynga may face a difficult uphill battle since Las Vegas casinos have already partnered with European gaming firms to launch their online gaming operations. Casinos have also been given preference in the licensing process.

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Real Money Gaming-Facebook vs Zynga

The social gaming sector is heating up. Recently San Francisco game developed filed licensing papers with the Nevada Gaming Commission and announced plans to offer real money gaming. Zynga plans to launch the games in the UK early next year. Zynga will face some stiff competition. Facebook has partnered with 888 Holdings to offer real money gambling in the site. Facebook has about 900 million active users around the world to the potential can easily be seen. Facebook chose the UK for the launch of real money gaming because the country has a mature and regulated online gambling industry.

Facebook users 18 and over in the UK will be able to play games and cash out their winnings. 888 Holdings is a publicly traded company and the announcement of the deal with Facebook gave the company’s stock a nice boost. 888 already offers games on Facebook but the games are free. 888 plans on offering online bingo, casino, and slot games. No mention of poker raised some eyebrows and some experts believe that Zynga’s first real money game will be poker. Earlier Facebook had partnered with another gambling firm, Gamesys. Gamesys was the first company to use Facebook apps for real money gaming. In August Gamesys offered 90 bingo and slot games on Facebook.

For Facebook real money gaming is a great opportunity. Currently Facebook offers thousands of games on its network. Some gaming companies are worried that real money gaming on Facebook will take some revenues away from British online gaming companies. Facebook will be watching for the result of Zynga’s entry into the Nevada online gaming market. If the move is successful most experts say that Facebook will follow. Facebook and Zynga have been partners for years and Zynga’s entry into real money gaming has put a strain on the relationship between the two companies.

Not everyone in Britain is thrilled with Facebook’s game launch. Critics say that Facebook is “tempting the young to gamble.” Anti-gambling activists are worried that the games could be accessed by those under 18. They also believe that Facebook games will make gambling seem more acceptable to the young. They also believe that insufficient safeguards are in place to deter underage gambling. Facebook contends that adequate safeguards are already in place. Itai Frieberger, chief operating officer of 888, told reporters “Our Facebook play for fun offerings have found a significant audience, and we are very excited by the opportunity real money gaming on Facebook provides.” Frieberger also said his company will take steps to prevent underage gambling.

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UK Bingo Operators Not Happy With Facebook’s New Bingo Games

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UK Bingo Operators Not Happy With Facebook’s New Bingo Games

With 800 users around the globe Facebook is the undisputed leader in social networking. For young people Facebook is an aspect of daily life and anyone can easily set up their own Facebook page. Facebook users can also play a variety of games on the site. In January when Facebook announced plans to launch real money bingo games on the site many online bingo operators saw the move as a serious threat. In fact, Facebook’s decision was a matter of grave concern for UK based online bingo operators. Many online gaming operators opposed the move saying it would encourage underage gambling but these claims were dismissed as hypocritical and blatant self-interest. Opponents of the underage gambling concerns say that since online bingo operators and other gaming sites advertise their services on Facebook the concerns are hypocritical.

Industry competition in the internet bingo industry is fierce and Facebook online bingo games could easily be seen as a major threat to the industry. In February social gaming giant Zynga announced the launch of their own version of bingo on Facebook. Zynga has had great success with Farmville and Zynga poker on Facebook. Until last year Facebook prohibited any advertisements for internet gambling services but has now reversed course. Currently online bingo operators outside of the United States may advertise their services on Facebook. Facebook guaranteed that gambling ads would only be shown to users over 18. Many online bingo operators were quick to take advantage of Facebook’s potential as a new advertising medium. When Facebook announced plans to offer their own bingo games many advertisers withdrew their ads on Facebook.

The online bingo industry has good cause to fear Facebook’s latest move. One senior executive at a major player in the online bingo industry pointed out the advantages Facebook has over its competitors. The unnamed executive pointed out that advertising online bingo services and products is very expensive and even after spending millions bingo operators cannot be sure they are reaching their targeted audiences. Statistics show that over 50% of the UK population has Facebook accounts and the site will be able to advertise their services to a wide audience at no cost to the company.

Gambling addiction experts are also unhappy with Facebook’s decision to offer real money gambling. Dr Robert Lefever, director of Promise Rehab Clinic says that the introduction of gambling on Facebook could lead impressionable and vulnerable children to believe that the games have the approval of Facebook.

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Zynga Releases New Bingo Game to All Facebook Users

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Zynga Releases New Bingo Game to All Facebook Users

After weeks of beta testing on Facebook San Francisco game developer Zynga is finally releasing Zynga Bingo on Facebook. The game was released on February 23rd and is not the same bingo played by little old blue haired ladies in smoky bingo halls. The game has a new look and social features and was launched in Zynga.s casino franchise. The new game is similar to games at online bingo sites but is geared towards a younger audience. The game features three bingo rooms, Vegas lights with a Vegas theme, Pirates Paradise complete with a treasure chest and gold coins. Farmville bounty completes the set and is based on Zynga’s wildly popular Facebook game Farmville. The game joins Zynga poker which has 35 million monthly users.

Other game features include;

Luck and Loaded which enables players to compete with up to six bingo cards.

Get Free Daubs which allows Facebook friends to daub a square on each of their friend’s cards.

Friends First will be added soon and will enable players to see what bingo rooms their friends are in and challenge them to see who can call bingo first.

BingoLingo which allows players to compete against each other at the same time.

PowerUps enable players to ‘power up’ to progress faster and win collectibles and earn coins to unlock other game features.

The game’s release sparked some controversy and Buffalo Studios, the creator of the popular Facebook game Bingo Blits accused Zynga of cloning their game. Salim Mith of Buffalo Studios said in a statement “We wanted to let the technology and gaming community know that Zynga continues in their practice of blatantly copying other successful games. From the self-proclaimed industry leader we should expect more than a series of blatant rip-offs.” Zynga has denied the accusations.

So far most gaming magazines and blogs have given Zynga bingo positive reviews. The game was designed specifically with Facebook users in mind. Gamezbo said in a review that “the game  is enjoyable and well-polished, with the power-up system and item collection adding a bit of flair to a relatively standardized game style.” The game is another addition to the hundreds of online bingo games available. Zynga bingo does not offer the huge jackpots and deposit bonuses available at commercial online bingo sites. The game does have a lot of potential since Facebook has 800 million users around the globe.

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