Take Advantage of the Sky Poker Refer-A-Friend Offer

Are you a player at Sky Poker who wants to get your real-life friends involved in your favourite hobby? Instead of just telling them about Sky Poker and having them sign up on their own, use Sky Poker’s refer-a-friend form to get some extra cash for yourself and for the people you refer! For every friend you refer who plays in their first 30 days, you will receive £50 and your friend will earn £25!
Here’s how it works. In order to refer anyone, you must already be a registered, funded member of Sky Poker, and the friends you refer must not already have accounts at Sky Gaming. When you refer your friends, double check that you enter their names and email addresses correctly – they must use the same names and email addresses when they register in order for Sky Poker to link the accounts and for you to get your bonus.


Image-Mansion-1 Once your friend signs up for Sky Poker, he or she must earn 375 bonus points within the first 30 days of playing – only then will you both receive your bonuses (yours of £50, and theirs of £25.) Earning 375 bonus points isn’t difficult, as each £1 spent on buy-ins and entry fees earns you 10 points.Don’t forget to tell your friends about Sky Poker’s generous welcome draw and welcome bonuses as well, as a further incentive for them to join. And once they join, they can earn bonus cash by referring friends, too! Also, there are plenty of online tutorials and forum Q&As that Sky Poker offers to help newbies out, so don’t feel uncomfortable referring friends who have never played before!
The big benefit for you is that there is absolutely no limit to the number of friends that you can refer. These referrals can be anyone – online friends, real-life friends, online bingo game friends or colleagues who you think would enjoy a little online gaming. And for each one, as long as they play a little bit of poker upon joining, you will have an extra £50 deposited into your account. There’s really no other refer-a-friend bonuses out there that so generously reward both the referrer and the referred!

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