Technical Issues and How to Handle Them

technical issueAt some point almost every online bingo player experiences technical issues of one kind or another. Fortunately most of these are easily resolved and you don’t have to be a computer genius to fix most technical issues. Here are a few suggestions on how to handle some of the most common issues encountered by online bingo players. If these suggestions don’t work or you feel uncomfortable tampering with your computer you can always contact the bingo site’s customer service department. Most have live support available 24/7.

If you run into a problem it is always a good idea to run other programs to see if the problem is general or just between you and the bingo provider. If it is a general problem you may want to try Googling the nature of your problem to see if there is an easy fix. Try restarting your computer which will clear up a variety of technical problems. Even if you are in the middle of a game the bingo site’s software will keep track of the game for you until you return to the game.

If the game screen is larger than your computer screen you may need to change the screen resolution. Try pressing the F11 button and if that doesn’t work follow these simple steps.
Go to the start menu
Click control panel
Double click the display icon
Click settings
There will be a screen resolution section. Drag the slide bar at the bottom to increase or decrease your screen resolution. You must confirm the change. If you don’t the screen will revert to its original size. Most monitors have recommended screen resolutions.

Most online bingo sites are compatible with a variety of browsers. There have been a few complaints by players using the AOL browser. Download another browser like Firefox and things should be fine. Make sure you are using the latest version and have all of the security features turned on.

If you are repeatedly disconnected from your bingo game try turning the sound off. Check to see if you are behind a firewall if you are getting network congestion errors. If you can’t connect try connecting to another site to see if it is an internet connection problem of a bingo site problem.

Occasionally internet delay will increase the amount of time it takes a game to load. If you connection is slow try the following;
Restart your computer.
Close all unnecessary programs.
Restart your connection and keep other connections to a minimum. Check your connection settings.
If your settings have changes you should contact your ISP provider for assistance setting your system back to its default settings.
Check for driver updates. Driver updates are available to solve a variety of issues.
Keep in mind that some antivirus and antispyware programs can slow your computer. Try to set these to run during hours you are away from your computer.

Thanks to increased broadband access most problems are a thing of the past but it is good to know what to do if a technical issue rears its ugly head!

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