The ‘Bingy’ Awards For 2008

bingy-20081Its time for BingoLingo to announce their picks for the annual ‘Bingy’ awards. The “Bingys’ were launched in 2007 to celebrate excellence in the online bingo industry. This year we have pared the choices to a field of 10 winners. BingoLingo used several criteria in selecting the winners for 2008, sign up and deposit bonuses, ease of use, cool graphics, variety and selection of games, entertainment value, and jackpots. There are many excellent online bingo sites out there and we regret we cannot include them all but we have limited ourselves to what we feel are the top 10 online bingo websites.

1. BingoHouse: BingoHouse once again takes the top spot in our ‘Bingy’ awards. BingoHouse provides players with a wide variety of bingo games with great graphics. BingoHouse has recently added a penny bingo game which was perfectly timed to go with today’s economy. BingoHouse has some of the largest jackpots on the net and fantastic deposit and sign up bonuses. The games at BingoHouse are divided into several bingo rooms Bingo Central offers automated games 24/7. The desperate lounge features a lively adult char room and conversations can get pretty spicy! The S.S. Lo Max room offers .10 cent cards for some inexpensive fun. The newly launched Hard Luck Diner features penny bingo cards. BingoHouse also offers an extensive selection of slots and video poker. BingoHouse also offers free play so those new to the world of online bingo can hone their skills before playing for cash. BingoHouse has some of the best sign up and deposit bonuses in the industry. BingoHouse offers $30 free play, a 250% deposit bonus and a whopping 300% re deposit bonus. BingoLingo is pleased to once again award BingoHouse a ‘Bingy’ for 2008. To play at BingoHouse go to #

2. Wink Bingo: This UK based website features great promotions, exciting games, cool promotions, outstanding graphics, and great bonuses and promotions. Wink Bingo consistently offers great monthly, seasonal, and holiday based promotions. Wink Bingo also offers a great selection of slots and side games. Wink Bingo offers both 75 and 90 ball bingo. For those in the US, 90 ball bingo is wildly popular in the UK and Australia. Wink Bingo features great jackpots and their 10K club has a jackpot of 10,000 pounds.($15,233 USD) (sorry guys, I don’t have a pound symbol on my pc) Wink Bingo offers players a 200% sign up bonus with a n50% bonus on all deposits. Wink Bingo has a unique 10% Cash Back for Life program where players are rewarded for their losses. Each Monday Wink Bingo returns 10% of losses players may have had from deposits made during the week. Wink Bingo also has daily promotions that are featured on their website. Wink Bingo is known in the UK for their series of very entertaining television ads. BingoLingo is proud to give this UK based website a great big ‘Bingy.” To play at Wink Bingo go to

3. Love Bingo: Love Bingo is another UK based online bingo site featuring great bingo games and offers both 75 and 90 ball bingo. Love Bingo is also known to the UK public for their amusing television advertisements. Love Bingo features the ‘Bingo Café’ where jackpots have been known to reach a staggering 90,000 pounds.($137,102 USD) Love Bingo has a unique feature of best card sorting. If a player is playing many cards at once this feature automatically places the cards closest to winning at the beginning of the card queue. Love Bingo has well monitored chat rooms and special chat games. All bingo games have auto daub for the convenience of players. Love Bingo has a loyalty points program for loyal players featuring some great prizes. We feel Love Bingo deserves a great big ‘Bingy.’ To play at Love Bingo go to

4. Bingo Palace: This UK based site is licensed in Alderney and meets the strict requirements and high standards of the regulations set out by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Bingo Palace features special daily games and the schedule is easily accessible from the home page of their website. Bingo Palace is one of the oldest bingo sites online having been launched in 1999. The games require a quick download and the software is free. Bingo Palace also offers an extensive selection of casino games including video poker and slots. Prizes are given in US dollars instead of British Pounds. Bingo Palace has a wide variety of payment options and still accepts US players. We are pleased to award Bingo Palace a ‘Bingy’ for the second year in a row. To play at Bingo Palace go to

5. Virgin Bingo: Virgin Bingo is part of the Virgin brand owned by Richard Branson which includes 350 companies. Like most UK bingo sites Virgin Bingo features 90 ball bingo which is wildly popular in the UK. Virgin Bingo also offers traditional 75 ball bingo. Virgin Bingo uses Great British Pounds as their currency of choice and all jackpots are posted in pounds. Virgin Bingo has one of the largest selections of slots to be found on any online bingo game site. Unlike most other bingo websites Virgin Bingo has a huge selection of scratchcards. At this time it is unclear whether Virgin Bingo is still accepting US players. Virgin Bingo will occasionally have celebrity guests in their chat rooms. Virgin Bingo has a wide variety of promotions. Virgin Bingo has a wishing well where players play, deposit, and make a wish and Virgin Bingo just may make that dream a reality. Virgin is one of the most popular bingo sites online and we are pleased to once again award Virgin Bingo a ‘Bingy’ award for 2008! To play at Virgin Bingo go to

6. Gala Bingo: Gala is owned and operated by one of the largest providers of land based bingo in the UK. For decades Gala bingo clubs have been a fixture on the UK bingo scene. Gala employs 17,000 people and is Europe’s largest bingo provider. Gala’s website is very well designed and has some cool animated features. Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy’s wife) has been affiliated with Gala. Gala Bingo uses Great British Pounds as their currency of choice. According to their website 80 million pounds are won every month and that’s a lot of cash! Gala Bingo offers players an impressive selection of promotions many with large cash prizes. Gala offers a huge selection of slots, scratchcards, and video casino games. Gala offers new players a 100% bonus on their first deposit. Gala has used their considerable experience to provide players with one of the most exciting bingo sites online. We are pleased, once again, to award Gala Bingo a ‘Bingy’ for 2008. To play at Gala Bingo go to

7. Desperate Housewives Bingo: Named after the popular television series Desperate Housewives Bingo has been one of the top online bingo sites since its inception. Desperate Housewives Bingo features several bingo rooms each with a selection of various themed bingo games. Desperate Housewives Bingo offers a 250% sign up bonus, a 300% re deposit bonus and $30 free play. They also have a pretty good selection of slots and casino games. The games require no downloads and are user friendly. The website has quality graphics and puts out a monthly newsletter to let players know about special games and promotions. Desperate Housewives bingo offers monthly and holiday themed promotions. Desperate Housewives Bingo has received consistently good reviews from various gaming and online bingo portals. Desperate Housewives Bingo is licensed in Costa Rica. Their chat rooms are lively and feature special chat games, many with great prizes. BingoLingo is pleased to award Desperate Housewives Bingo with a ‘Bingy’ for 2008. To play at Desperate Housewives Bingo go to

8. Foxy Bingo: This UK based site is known for their series of clever television advertisements. Foxy Bingo pioneered the advertising of online bingo in the UK. Foxy Bingo uses the British Pound as their currency of choice and all prizes and promotions are listed in Pounds. Foxy Bingo offers generous deposit bonuses and will match Pound for Pound deposits between £10 and £150. In addition to the first deposit bonus Foxy Bingo will add 50% to subsequent deposits up to £50. Foxy Bingo offers both 75 and 90 ball bingo and all games are listed in an easily accessible schedule. Foxy Bingo also offers an extensive selection of chat games and tournaments. They also offer slots, casino games, and scratch card games. One unusual feature of Foxy Bingo is Foxy Radio which has special games every Thursday with sizeable jackpots. Foxy Bingo lists an impressive selection of promotional games which are accessible by clicking a tab on the home page. It is easy to see why Foxy Bingo is one of the UK’s top online bingo websites and we at BingoLingo are very pleased to award Foxy Bingo a ‘Bingy’ for 2008. To play at Foxy Bingo go to

9.888Bingo: 888 Bingo is one of the most popular UK based online bingo sites. 888 Bingo has two separate websites, 888 Bingo, and 888 Ladies Bingo. They offer a $30 sign up bonus, a 250% deposit bonus, and a 300% re-deposit bonus. Currencies used are the British Pound and the US Dollar. The games require no download and are numerous. 888 Ladies offers a fantastic selection of promotions and many of them have unique prizes such as a makeover by professional stylists and even includes a photo shoot! Some of the jackpots on 888 Ladies are sizeable such as the £888,888 ($1,296,759 USD) coverall games. 888 Bingo seems to be geared towards US players and the currency used is the US dollar. 888 Bingo has 8 separate bingo rooms and a wide selection of side games and slots. 888 Bingo also features monthly and holiday themed promotions. 888 Ladies Bingo is also known for their amusing television ads featuring British comedian Vic Reeves. These ads would be worthy of an award by themselves but combined with the great games and entertainment provided by both 888 Bingo and 888 Ladies Bingo merits a great big ‘Bingy.” To play at 888 bingo go to

10. Ladbrokes Bingo: The Ladbrokes group is one of the largest gaming companies in the UK so it is no surprise that they have entered the lucrative online bingo market. Ladbrokes offers both 75 and 90 ball bingo. In addition Ladbrokes offers an 80 ball bingo game and speed bingo game which are unique to Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes offers six bingo games and the games require no download. Ladbrokes also offers an extensive selection of games that are easily accessible from the home page of the Ladbrokes website. Ladbrokes features some awesome promotions and offers a £20 sign up bonus. Probably the best known promotion is ‘Bingo Thursdays’ which has a jackpot of £7,000 ($ 10,215 USD) Ladbrokes Bingo offers chat games offer a wide variety of interesting options which are listed on their website. Ladbrokes was recently embroiled in controversy because of one of their unique, clever television ads prompted one person to complain to the broadcasting authorities. Due to the humor displayed in the ads the complaint was widely seen as frivolous. Ladbrokes is a top notch online bingo site and BingoLingo is pleased to award Ladbrokes Bingo with a ‘Bingy’ for 2008.

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