The 2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards

Gone are the days when people had to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble. Thanks to modern technology players today can carry a whole casino in their pockets. When smart phones first hit markets they gathered a loyal following very quickly and the industry has experienced astounding growth during the past two years. Apple led the pack with its highly innovative iPhone. The devices have become so popular that when a new product is released people will line up for blocks and even camp out all night in front of stores selling the latest devices. For the online bingo industry mobile technology has been a real blessing and has enabled bingo operators to reach a whole new player base.

Smart phones are used for a wide variety of activities. In addition to sending and receiving calls users can access social networking sites, play online bingo games, do their banking, purchase products, send text messages, get the latest stock quotes and news and play games. The only requirements are an internet connection and a signal. Users have hundreds of entertainment options at their finger tips. The mobile gaming industry now has its own trade organizations and awards. This year the mobile gaming awards will be held in Barcelona, Spain at the 2012 Mobile World Congress.

Nominees were selected in six categories. The categories include best casual game, best real world game, best sports game, best mobile social game, excellence in game play and most innovative game. The mobile industry professionals charged with selecting the nominees have already met in Marseille, France. The group included professionals from the game development sector, writers and journalists from mobile gaming blogs and sites and the mobile gaming hardware sector. Winners in each category will be awarded $130,000 worth of free publicity.

Maarten Noyons, CEO and founder International Mobile Gaming Awards is optimistic about the future of mobile gaming and told reporters “We have had an unprecedented response for this year’s awards. We see a trend of very high quality, big productions coming to the mobile platform, and on the other hand, a lot of fresh, innovative, casual games. The eighth IMGA shows a wealth of new ideas and ground-breaking quality coming from studios all over the world. I would like to congratulate each of the developers that have games nominated and thank everyone who submitted games to the awards.” A dozen jurors will met in Barcelona to play the nominated games. No doubt the online bingo industry will be represented at the awards ceremony.

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