The Changing Face of Bingo

A recent article in the Belfast telegraph details how the internet has changed the game of bingo. The article says that since the 90’s the internet has changed the way most people shop, travel, work and study. The way people entertain themselves has also been transformed and now people watch movies, videos and play most games on the internet. The writer contends that the game of bingo has been forever altered for the better. Before going online, the game of bingo involved placing a group of players in one setting usually a large bingo hall. Games were played manually and the game developed its own unique language and customs.

While there are still many live bingo games available many players have chosen to go online which has transformed the bingo world. Recent estimates put the number of regular online bingo game players at about 50,000 in the UK. These regular players are only a small part of the global online bingo community. Many outside observers say one of the most interesting aspects of online bingo is the close sense of community among those who play bingo online. Most sites offer chat functions, newsletters, player galleries and some have Facebook pages for players at specific websites.

The writer points out that one popular aspect of online bingo games is the ability to play from the comfort of home and the ability to win some cash while doing so. Online bingo sites are particularly convenient for those who cannot attend live bingo games for one reason or another. For disabled bingo fans with limited mobility online bingo has been a perfect solution. Online bingo also allows busy players to multi task while playing thanks to auto daub. Busy moms can do laundry, wash dishes or other household chores while playing online bingo.

The modern version of bingo has been around for almost ninety years and has been changed to meet the needs of a whole new generation of bingo players. Online bingo is constantly evolving and introducing the latest new technologies. Online bingo has come a long way since the very first primitive games of the mid 90’s. At that time there were only about 10 bingo sites online and now there are over 400 specifically targeting the UK alone. A strong online bingo community will take bingo well into the future reinventing the game in the process.

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