The Dawn Of a New Bingo Era !

Texting and mobile phone use is incredibly popular among the young and many bingo sites have taken notice of this fact. Bingo sites have a very high player retention rate and bingo operators know that if they can attract younger players their survival is insured. To address this younger group of potential bingo players many bingo sites have launched mobile applications allowing people to play online bingo for real cash on their cell phones. It is a very common sight to see young people playing games on their cell phones and mobile bingo could easily attract millions of new mobile bingo players. For decades bingo was the domain of seniors and pensioners but new technologies changed the face of bingo.

Bingo has a long and colorful history. Bingo has been played for about five centuries and today there are several versions of the game. In the US 75 ball bingo is dominant while in the UK and Europe 90 ball bingo is the most popular game. Bingo sites have developed mobile applications that will allow players to play their favorite version of the game. It is a given that all of the games now available on computers will be available for cell phones and mobile devices very soon. One of the chief attractions of mobile bingo and gaming in general is portability. Mobile bingo players do not have to lug around a laptop that can be bulky and inconvenient. In addition most mobile phones are not as expensive as laptops making the game even more affordable.

Just a couple of years ago many believed that bingo had advanced as far as it could technologically. Obviously they were wrong and today new technologies are regularly adopted by bingo sites around the world. Many established bingo sites have launched their own applications for iPhones and Android mobiles. Players can access the 75 ball and 90 ball games by pushing a few buttons on their phones. Players at online bingo sites can now enjoy their games while on the go. The only requirement is that players must download the application or widget. Bingo fans can be playing in a matter of minutes at bingo sites offering mobile bingo. Most industry experts believe mobile bingo will make online bingo even more profitable and will be a significant factor in industry growth in 2011. There are free versions of mobile bingo and potential players can check out mobile bingo with no risk involved.

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