The Demise of Free Bingo – Say It Ain’t So!

Those of us who have watched and followed developments in the online bingo industry have observed what can only be described as astound growth in the last two or three years. Even during the worst of the global recession online bingo continued to grow despite economic conditions. Online bingo was simply in the right place at the right time. The recession sent bingo players online and the industry provided inexpensive entertaining home based entertainment for millions of UK, US and European online bingo players. In the UK last winter’s storms were a veritable bonanza for online bingo providers and so far this year’s winter weather has been similar and bingo operators are anticipating record 4th quarter earnings.

Bingo operators and networks have used a wide variety of marketing strategies but none has been as popular and successful as free bingo. Most bingo sites provide some sort of free bingo incentive so new players can check out all the bingo and side games offered by a bingo site. For those unfamiliar with online bingo is would appear that bingo operators were virtually throwing cash at players. There are two schools of thought regarding the future of online bingo; one school of thought says that the bingo boom will continue and the other predicts a slowdown for the bingo industry in 2011.

Those who are optimistic cite the increasing number of players, the highly competitive atmosphere which is benefiting players and the expansion of bingo sites to other new markets in Europe. The naysayers predict an industry slowdown and an end to the generous no deposit and free bingo bonuses. The pessimists point out that several bingo sites have withdrawn no deposit free bingo offers. They also point out that many of the sites that have withdrawn bonuses and free bingo are spending more money on very expensive television advertising.  According to some bingo review sites the online bingo industry is expected to spend tens of millions of pounds on television advertising in the coming year necessitating cutbacks in other areas.

Some experts say that free bingo cash offers will become almost extinct as bingo operators budget more money for television ads in an attempt to remain competitive. Fortunately there are still many bingo sites offering free play and generous deposit bonuses.  Thankfully online bingo sites serving the US market have no incentive to advertise on television and are likely to keep providing bingo bonuses to attract American players.

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