The Four Most Common Features at Online Bingo Sites

Playing online bingo is somewhat different than games at a live bingo hall. Online bingo sites have features not available at land based bingo halls. The games are essentially played the same way and most online bingo sites offer players a selection of bingo game variants including 75, 90, 80 and 30 ball bingo games. Most sites offer the two most common games which are traditional 75 ball games and 90 ball games preferred by British players. Online bingo operators have made the sign up and registration as easy as possible and players can usually fund their accounts using their credit and debit cards. Most online bingo sites have four major features in common which are explained below.

Auto daub is a feature at most online bingo sites. This feature is very popular and enables players to play multiple cards simultaneously. This feature automatically marks off the numbers that appear on the player’s bingo cards. It can be tricky to manually mark several cards during a game and using the auto daub feature makes mistakes impossible. Players have the option to switch this feature off and mark their cards manually if they prefer to mark their own cards using the virtual daubers available at most bingo sites. For newcomers to online bingo the auto daub feature can help new players adjust to the rapid pace of some online games. The bingo site’s software keeps track of all of the cards and will automatically claim a win for the player.

Best card sorting is another feature common to most bingo sites and is a real convenience for players. Best Card Sorting is generally a user selected option that order all of the purchased bingo cards during a game so the player can see how each card is performing and which card is closest to winning the game. This feature eliminates any guesswork on the part of the player.

Chat rooms are one of the most, if not the most, popular feature at online bingo sites. In a live bingo hall talking during a game is frowned upon and in some bingo halls talking during a game can get a player ejected from the hall. The chat takes place in real time and a whole new bingo chat language has developed over the years.

Progressive jackpots enable players to win some serious amounts of cash. Online bingo is no longer the low stakes game it once was and many players have won life changing amounts of money playing bingo games with progressive jackpots. Usually cards for progressive jackpot games cost a little bit more than cards for regular online bingo games.

These are the four most common features shared by online bingo sites. Of course many bingo operators have added even more options and features to keep players coming back. Even better most bingo sites offer players huge bonuses and a huge variety of promotions.

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