The Health Benefits of Bingo

Most people play bingo for the social networking opportunities the game provides. For most players winning is a secondary consideration. Now players have another good reason to play bingo; for their health. A recent university study points out that bingo provides several benefits for players. Among these are enhanced hand eye coordination and sharper cognitive abilities. Not only that but other studies have shown that bingo can reduce stress levels, lowers the level of depression associated with a serious illness and can actually significantly shorten hospital stays. The venerable British Medical Association has given their seal of approval to bingo’s benefits.

112 people participated in the study from two age groups. Subjects were divided into two age groups; those from 18 to 40 and those from 60 to 82. Experimenters went to great lengths to ensure the study was totally random. Both groups contained bingo players and non bingo players. Tests were given to measure cognitive ability and mental agility. Not surprisingly the study showed that bingo players were faster and more accurate than their non playing counterparts. One very interesting part of the study found that those in the 60 to 82 age group actually performed more accurately than the younger age group on certain tests. Oddly the study found that bingo players were actually more aware of their surrounding and the passage of time. Bingo players had to stay sharp to mark the numbers on their cards. Some experts said that online bingo could provide the same benefits provided players marked their virtual bingo cards manually.

Some of the tests were designed to measure hand eye coordination. Because of the rapidity with which numbers are called during a game bingo players must develop excellent hand eye coordination to be successful. Players must also verify that the numbers marked on the bingo cards are accurate. This must be done in a split second because in most bingo games the numbers are called rapidly. This mental exercise helps to keep the mind sharp and accurate. One study done in the UK suggested that playing bingo could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Even better the same study found that playing bingo can significantly shorten hospital stays.

In addition to all of the game’s benefits bingo is fun to play cash bingo. It is also one of the easiest games to learn. Online bingo is widely available and can provide players with the same cognitive benefits as live bingo games.

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