The Number of Women Gambling Online is Increasing

In the UK it’s no secret that most online bingo players are women. One study showed that 70% of all online bingo players are women and the number is growing. Women are an important target for the online gaming industry as a whole. One recent survey showed that four times as many women played online casino games in 2010 than in 2007. The number of women playing online casino games is almost equal to the number of male players. Most people think of casino gambling as a male pursuit but in the UK 48.38% of all casino players in 2011 were women. The figure for male players was slightly higher at 51.62%.

One recent report says that the internet has played an important role in increasing the number of female punters. Online casinos are more convenient and do not have the intimidating atmosphere of land based casinos. Many women are uncomfortable at land based casinos because of male dominance. Most women say they feel safer at online bingo sites and casinos. Online gaming operators have realized the importance of women and have launched several female oriented gaming sites. The latest British Gambling Preference Survey showed that the number of women playing casino games and online bingo has increased. The survey also showed that men tend to vary their gambling activities more than women.

The British survey found that women prefer online fruit machines and online bingo. Women were twice as likely to play online bingo as men. Men preferred sports betting, roulette and poker. Another study showed that women are more tech savvy than men. In fact 54% of all women surveyed own smart phones and the figure for men was slightly lower at 46%. Melissa Lavigne-Delville, of Women at NBCU, stated “Three-quarters of the female population is online and their increasingly passionate and widespread consumption of digital is shaping this ever-evolving space…As this growing number of digitally-dependent women alters the landscape in unexpected ways, marketers need to react in real-time.”

Gaming operators are paying attention to the latest figures. Many have launched extensive marketing campaigns targeting women. Since women account for about 50% of the online gaming market operators that ignore female players are losing out on the female share of the very lucrative online gaming market. For the online bingo industry the increasing number of female gamblers is very good news. Most of the major UK bingo operators currently spend millions of pounds each year marketing to female players.

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