‘The Queen of Bingo’

Queen of Bingo Stars

Queen of Bingo Stars

‘The Queen of Bingo’ is a new play that has been well received and is being performed in theaters across the US, according to bingo news. The play explores the lives of two women on the other side of 50 and has garnered positive reviews from newspapers across the US. The Queen of Bingo explores the worlds of bingo, family, widowhood, menopause, hot flashes, and winning at bingo.

There are three basic characters in the play, Babe, Sis, and bingo caller ‘Father Mac.’ The female parts are played by two men in drag, Rowan Joseph as Babe, and Shane Partlow as Sis. Father Mac is played by Kevin M. Horton. Partlow has made guest appearances on several well known television shows such as Will & Grace and Gilmore Girls. Rowan has had a successful career appearing in Boston Legal, Gilmore Girls, and has had roles in several movies. Horton is also no stranger to Hollywood and has appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Wizards of Waverly Place and several other various roles.

The play documents the lives of two late middle ages sisters who play bingo for excitement and have played bingo at the same church for years. The sisters have been regulars for years at St. Joseph’s and we meet the other colorful players including Father Mac, Lonnie and Cindy Conklin, Marge Meranski, Coach Anderson, all seen through the eyes of Sis and Babe. Sis and Babe are not only sisters but are also best friends.

Sis is a player who rarely wins and plays bingo for the love of the game. Babe is one of those players who just has to win. Sis is fit and trim while Babe is always fighting the battle of the bulge. Sis is content to be a widow while Babe is on the prowl. The audience participates during the play and even has the chance to win a frozen turkey!

The ‘Queen of Bingo’ is sure to please any inveterate bingo player, whether they play at online bingo sites or in a bingo hall, and the people who love them.

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