The Top 10 Online Bingo Portals

In recent years, online bingo has become immensely popular. A quick Google search of the words ‘online bingo’ results in an astounding 5,720,000 websites related to online bingo. Obviously the average online bingo player does not have the time to search through millions of websites looking for information and a suitable online bingo game.

There are many online portals that provide bingo reviews of the various online bingo sites and cover topics and issues of interest to online bingo players. Here at BingoSuite we have researched hundreds of web portals related to online bingo and have compiled a list of the websites we think are the best. Although relatively new BingoLingo has an extensive and impressive collection of articles and bingo related news.BingoLingo also offers a free online bingo game for those new players who want to hone their skills before playing for real money. BingoLingo stays on top of bingo promotions and bonuses. BingoLingo is one of the best sources for bingo news and current information. The Bingo Bugle has been around for quite some time and has a stellar reputation among online bingo aficionados. The Bingo Bugle has an extensive selection of free bingo games. The Bingo Bugle even has columns on astrology and an advice column called ‘Dear Aunt Bingo.’ One unique feature on the Bugle is a collection of bingo comics. The Bugle even has editions geared towards certain regions and states. It is easy to see why the Bingo Bugle is held in such high esteem by online bingo players.

Bingo Street — This UK based portal is one of the best. BingoStreet features amusing and entertaining daily columns. BingoStreet also features well written site reviews and stays current on all the newest online bingo promotions. BingoStreet also hosts a very lively forum for online bingo players. Although most promotions and bonuses are in British Pounds, an easily available free currency converter should solve any currency problems. It is easy to see why BingoStreet has so many regular readers. is one of the top UK based online bingo portals. This well designed and easily navigated site has all the information any online bingo player could possibly need. UnluckyForSome has links to several websites that offer free bingo and also bingo for money. The monetary unit used is the British Pound but any easily available currency converter should solve any problem. UnluckyForSome also offers subscribers a newsletter with all the latest bingo promotions. is an established online bingo portal that has many useful features. BallBingo even has a ‘bingo blacklist’ to warn players away from dishonest online bingo websites. Like most online bingo portals BallBingo features site reviews and information about current promotions. BallBingo maintains a special section for UK bingo. There is an extensive collection of articles covering every conceivable bingo related topic. It should come as no surprise that this site has an extensive readership. bills itself as ‘The net’s largest online bingo directory’ and they may just be right. The site includes 10 categories to choose from and there is also a blog. There is also a special section for UK bingo. WhichBingo has a featured site of the month which is very informative and WhichBingo maintains a vast collection of bingo related articles and WhichBingo stays current on all the latest online bingo promotions. WhichBingo also features a bingo competition where players can win various prizes such as a funded account at selected bingo sites. WhichBingo is easily one of the best online bingo portals on the net. Although not strictly a bingo portal, CasinoMeister is a valuable source of information about the honesty and reliability of online gaming sites including online bingo. The site owner presents his information is a straightforward and very entertaining way. For anyone wanting reliable information about various online bingo sites and their reputation, this is the site for you. Warning—the language can get salty especially when the owner is discussing a casino scammer. Well worth a look for online bingo players. Although this site is not an online bingo portal it has been a great source for online bingo news. Like CasinoMeister this website covers most aspects of internet gambling and provides current news and information. The Bingo channel on this site provides current promotions and bingo news. The site also maintains message boards and a forum and these are an invaluable source of information for online bingo players. Players can find out all sorts of useful information on the Bingo message boards. Be sure to check this site out. Although this site is a blog and not a portal is contains an extensive collection of articles and news. The site is easily navigated and articles are archived bu month. The InternetBingoBlog also covers business and political issues affecting the online bingo industry. The blog also covers current promotions. Although it is not flashy as many online bingo portals are it contains a wealth of information for both players and those in the online bingo industry. This website has an extensive collection of articles and lists many offers from various online bingo websites. Offers are given in both British Pounds and US dollars. The site is easily navigated and contains many well written site reviews. covers both UK and American online bingo news. The list of online bingo promotions is extensive and well done and this site deserves a spot in the top 10 online bingo information sites.

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