The Top Five Bingo Movies

Bingo is a very entertaining popular game that has been played by millions around the world. The internet bingo game has taken the UK and Europe by storm and the future of the industry looks very bright. Experts predict that online bingo sites like BingoHouse will become a $2 billion dollar a year business by 2012. There have been songs written about bingo and in the UK a televised bingo game has attracted millions of viewers. Bingo has not been neglected by the movie industry and there are several movies where bingo is an important part of the plot. Here are five of the best known bingo movies.

1. Bingo, the Documentary is a 1999 documentary produced by John Jeffcoat that has changed how many view the game of bingo. The film has won awards at the prestigious Seattle International Film Festival and also won a judges award at the Northwest Film Festival. This eclectic film takes a look at bingo and the eccentric subculture the game has spawned. Believe it or not more people play bingo than attend movie theatres. Every year there are 1.2 billion visits to bingo halls and only 964.2 million visits to movie theatres. The film follows the lives of people who consider themselves as bingo ‘professionals’ and interviews a wide variety of bingo players. The film is available online and is well worth watching.

2. Beach Blanket Bingo is a 1965 film starring former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello and 60’s heartthrob Frankie Avalon. While the movie actually has nothing to do with the game of bingo it is usually included in most lists of bingo films. The film details the 60’s teen beach culture which flourished in California in the 60’s.

3. King of the Bingo Game is based on a story by Ralph Ellison which was published in the 1940’s. The main character Sonny is a struggling African American man who plays bingo at the same hall attempting to win money to provide for his family in depression era New York. Sonny has moved to Harlem from the Deep South to find work to support his wife and their unborn child. Sonny wanders into a movie theatre on bingo night and wins a chance to spin the bingo wheel.  The movie is well worth watching and is available online or as a DVD.

4. Bingo is loosely based on the children’s song B-I-N-G-O which almost everyone has hears at one time or another. Bingo, a runaway circus dog, saves the life of Chuckie a youngster who has trouble fitting in with his friends. Bingo and Chuckie quickly become best friends but his parents disapprove of Bingo and will not allow the dog to join them on their cross country move. Although this film has nothing to do with the game of bingo it is great entertainment for kids.

5. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings is a great film that tells the story of Bingo Long who is a star pitcher in the old Negro Baseball League. Tired of sub standard treatment by the team’s owner Bingo takes the team on a barnstorming tour of 1930’s America. This is a fantastic film and well worth watching. It is available online or on DVD.

Even though a few of the films have nothing to do with the game of bingo they are sure to provide some great entertainment for bingo players everywhere!

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