The UK Bingo Association

Many bingo players in the UK are probably unaware that there is a trade associations dedicated to serving the interests of the bingo industry and players. The bingo association makes sure that bingo clubs throughout the UK are kept informed of any changes in government policies related to bingo in the UK. The trade group was formed by bingo operators to help operators to run games more efficiently and protect the interests of players.

The group should not be confused with the UK Gambling Commission which is a regulatory body set up by the government after the passage of the Gambling act in 2005.The bingo association has been instrumental in helping operators to help assess governmental rebates that operators may be eligible for and to help operators promote bingo games and the bingo industry. In 2006 the association worked hard to get a partial smoking ban in UK bingo halls to protect the right of players that smoke. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful and the land based bingo industry in the UK was hard hit by the ban. The organization lobbied for a ten million pound rebate from the government to offset revenues lost by bingo halls because of the draconian smoking ban.

The bingo association has also fought against the double taxes that bingo halls must pay. They have fought for a reduction in VAT taxes and the Amusement Machine License Duty. Because the UK bingo industry contributes so much to the treasury the association is in a unique position and can approach government regulators and MP’s directly without having to go through middlemen. Online bingo operators are trying to set up their own trade organization. One proposed group called Eubingo is defunct and never really got off the ground.

The UK bingo association helps bingo halls, clubs, players and bingo sites to keep up to date on industry developments and changes in gaming laws and taxation affecting the bingo industry. The bingo association has been instrumental in promoting industry growth. This year the association lobbied in favor of a ‘point of consumption’ tax that would eliminate the unfair tax advantages of offshore online bingo sites. The bingo association has done a great job promoting the interests of the UK bingo industry and hopefully their efforts will continue well into the future.

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