Tide May Be Turning For Online Gamblers in the US

online-gambling-usaThe tide may be turning for online bingo players and gamblers in the United States. A sizable percentage of the American population favors the legalization of online gambling and politicians are sitting up and taking notice. Many expected online gambling to be legalized during President Obama’s first term but unfortunately more pressing issues like two wars and a global recession put online gambling legislation on the back burner. In 2012 those in favor of online gambling held a rally in Alabama featuring some of the country’s top bands like the Commodores. Rally participants want the state to lift its ban on electronic bingo which has been controversial for the past few years in Alabama.

Democratic politicians in the state such as Bobby Singleton (Greensboro) and Quinton Ross (Montgomery) are among the rally’s participants. Both are also members of the Campaign for Jobs and Justice Committee. When Alabama Attorney General closed VictoryLand casino he put hundreds out of work and has shown no remorse of sympathy for the plight of the unemployed. Gambling proponents have figures out that the way to get their way is to get voters to the ballot box. In the 2012 Presidential elections many predicted that Mitt Romney would win. Romney had spent millions but ran up against a grassroots get out the vote movement of unprecedented proportions. The election results clearly demonstrated the power of a well-organized grassroots movement.

In Congress a strange mix of politicians have been trying to legalize online gambling for years. Libertarian candidate Ron Paul believes that Americans have the right to spend their money as they see fit free from government interference. Now Retired Massachusetts representative Barney Frank introduced several unsuccessful online gambling bills during his tenure in congress. Because of congressional inaction and a 2011 ruling by the Justice department several states plan to offer intrastate online gambling to residents. In most states a clear majority are in favor of legalizing online gambling. The trick is to get these people to the ballot box.

Nevada is already issuing online gambling licenses but for now internet gambling in Nevada will be limited to poker. Other states are watching closely and may end up patterning their online gambling legislation after Nevada’s. If online poker is successful other forms of gambling such as online bingo, slots and other casino games are sure to follow. Trying to ban online gambling is an exercise in futility since Americans already spend billions every year at offshore gambling sites.

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