Times Have Never Been Better For Online Bingo Players!

play online bingo

play online bingo

In is no secret that online bingo achieved spectacular growth in the UK in 2008.  The double taxation of bingo halls combined with a national indoor smoking ban has crippled the land based UK bingo industry. Despite the global recession, or perhaps because of it, bingo continues to thrive and is one of the few industries creating new jobs. This trend is expected to continue unabated in throughout 2009.

Online bingo sites have experienced an influx of players as players who used to play at local bingo halls switch to online bingo mainly because of the smoking ban. The global recession has many seeking inexpensive online amusement and an online bingo game is a prefect fit for this need. Online bingo’s appeal to a wider demographic has contributed to online bingo growth on both sides of the Atlantic. The current recession has caused most consumers to tighten their belts and many consumers who formerly spent a part of their income on social activities are now seeking home based entertainment.

The UK government has promised universal broadband access by 2012 and experts predict Europe will achieve 71% broadband penetration by 2013. The expansion of broadband access presents online bingo providers with new and growing markets. In the US there are efforts to overturn the draconian Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Should this happen online bingo providers will have access to the world’s largest market. The US already has the broadband infrastructure necessary in place.

In the UK, online bingo already enjoys annual ticket sales of over £600 million. ($911,883,316 USD) Annual sales are expected to increase during the next two years and industry experts predict a bright future for online bingo. Competition is already keen and is expected to increase. Times have never been better for online bingo players!

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