How to Manage Your Bingo Bankroll

Most gaming experts say that before playing any casino game players should have an established bankroll that is disposable income and is not needed for living expenses. They also say that players should set a limit for each game session and when that limit has been reached they should walk away from the gaming tables of gambling site. The same advice holds true for online bingo players. Fortunately online bingo is very inexpensive to play and a small bankroll can provide hours of fun. At most online bingo sites average card costs are between 0.25 cents and $1 dollar. For special high stakes bingo games cards can cost between $2 and $5 dollars.

The first decision any player should make is how much money to spend during a game session. Players who purchase the maximum number of cards will see their bankroll dwindle very quickly. Bankroll management is an essential part of responsible gambling and will make the games more enjoyable. Players should figure out how much disposable income they have and the amount they are willing to risk at online bingo sites and casinos. Players should work out a monthly gaming budget and divide the bankroll by the number of days they plan on playing. Each game session should have a set amount. There are a few standard rules for successful bankroll management. These are;

Never gamble money you can’t afford to lose. Never use your rent money, your child’s college fun to gamble. Gambling with money you can’t afford to lose is a sure sign of a gambling problem. In the UK there have been several cases of players stealing money from family members and employers to play online bingo. Don’t become one of these people.

You should never gamble more money that you planned. If you lose, you lose and never borrow money to try to cover losses with more gambling. If you do this you have a problem.

If you have a game strategy use it. Since bingo games are random there is little players can do to influence the outcome of any game. Play at smaller games with fewer players. Although the jackpot will not be large the odds will be better. You can bank small wins and then use the money to buy cards for high stakes bingo games.

If you feel depressed or unlucky it is time to walk away. The old adage ‘quit while you’re ahead’ applies in these circumstances. If you follow these tips you can have hours of safe enjoyable bingo games with little risk to your over finances.

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