Tips For Understanding Bingo Odds


Although most bingo players attend games or play bingo on the internet to socialize winning occasionally is also important. Since bingo is a random game there is little players can do to influence the outcome of any game. Despite the game’s randomness there are a few things bingo players can do to tip the odds in their favor. Try using the following winning tips.


You should avoid crowded games. The odds in any bingo game depends on the number of cards sold a game with fewer players can offer you a better chance of winning a prize. You should be aware that the jackpot is usually based on the number of cards sold the jackpot in poorly attended games may be much smaller. At bingo halls try to play in bad weather keeps players at home.


Play at off times. At online bingo sites try to play at odd hours or late at night. If you are familiar with a particular bingo hall try to pick sessions with fewer players. Quieter games make take place during the middle of the week, midafternoon or on holidays. Keep in mind that games with lower attendance rates usually have smaller prizes than larger games. Basically the fewer competitors you have the better the chances of winning.


Try to play multiple cards. For online bingo players this is a breeze thanks to the auto daub feature available at online bingo sites. Most live bingo players say that players should buy and play as many cards as possible. If you purchase too many cards you are likely to make mistakes when marking multiple cards. While we’re on the subject of cards seasoned bingo players say that you should purchase nonduplicate cards. Since no bingo card contains the same number more than once every card in play has an equal chance of winning. If you are playing multiple cards you must stay alert and focus. Believe it or not bingo has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


Hold you cards over from game to game. Many bingo halls allow players to use the same cards from game session to session. Many players will try to purchase cards containing their ‘lucky’ numbers or patterns.


A positive attitude is essential for any bingo player. Good things seem to happen to people with a positive. If you lose a game don’t dwell on it. Some players actually believe they can influence games by keeping a positive attitude.




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