Top 10 Tips For New Online Bingo Players

Poker was the first game that started the online gambling boom and in a matter of a few short years the online poker industry was worth billions. Poker is still the most popular online gambling game but in the UK bingo has overtaken poker as the most popular online game. Today millions of people play online bingo around the world and here are a few things new players should know.

1. Play at reputable bingo sites. Unfortunately there are a few bad apples in the industry. A quick Google search will usually reveal the bad apples. Player bingo review sites are great for guiding players in the right direction.

2. Never deposit more at bingo sites than you can afford to lose. Don’t try to recover losses by gambling even more. Just enjoy the games. Most bingo players are not concerned with financial gain.

3. Withdraw your winnings. This will prevent you from gambling them away. Always withdraw after a good game session and only leave enough in your account for future play.

4. Always use the auto daub feature. This will prevent you from making mistakes especially if you are playing several cards at once. Most bingo sites have this feature.

5. Don’t get angry or upset if you are losing. Avoid the temptation to wager even more to try to recoup losses. Gambling to recoup losses is the quickest way to use up your deposit and you will be left with nothing. If you get angry back off and play at another time.

6. Always play as many cards as you can afford in games with high jackpots or progressive jackpots. Bingo is a random game of chance and playing more cards is one of the few ways players can better their odds.

7. Some bingo sites offer games with bonus balls. Generally bonus balls are a different color and if one appears on one of your cards you may win a small prize or sometimes bonus balls can increase the size of a possible jackpot.

8. Avoid overcrowded bingo rooms. Although the jackpot may be larger your chances of winning are much slimmer in crowded bingo rooms. Play games with fewer players. The jackpots may be smaller but you have a better chance of winning.

9. If you are new to the online version of bingo try to find bingo sites that offer free bingo. This will allow you to learn the game before you wager real money. You can also check out the games at various bingo sites until you find one that you like.

10. You should participate in player forums and chat rooms. A quick Google search will reveal many forums, newsgroups and bingo groups. You can pick up some valuable tips and advice from other experienced players.

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