Top Five Bingo Predictions For 2011-The Results

In January of this year one popular bingo blog made predictions for online bingo in 2011. 75 and 90 ball bingo games continue to dominate at most online bingo sites. 75 ball games are popular in the US and 90 ball games are popular in the UK and Europe. Several trends were noted such as customized daubers, customized bingo callers and customized bingo cards. While all of these may not be available at all bingo sites several major bingo operators are now providing these new services that add to the fun of the game.

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Here are the top five predictions made in January 2-011. It will be interesting to see just how many of these predictions came true. The first prediction was that buzzword bingo would become more popular this year. Players take cards with catch phrases and words to business meetings and mark their cards everytime they hear one of the words or phrases. Unfortunately no one has done any real research into the popularity of the game so it is impossible to know whether this prediction came true.

The writer predicted that charity bingo games would increase in number. This prediction came true and many online bingo sites host games where the proceeds go to a chosen charity. Charity bingo games have been popular at land based bingo halls for years and the online bingo industry has jumped on the charity bingo bandwagon.

The writer predicted that the US market would open in 2-011. Unfortunately this did not happen and the US government has actually seized one major online bingo sites. Many analysts predict that no federal legislation will be forthcoming until 2013 and say that because of the presidential elections next year bingo will or any other internet gambling will be a taboo topic for politicians.

The author predicted that social networking sites like Facebook would play a greater part in the online bingo industry. Facebook recently announced plans to launch gaming applications for bingo, poker and casino games. A pilot program will be launched during the first quarter of 2012.

The author predicted that mobile bingo would be a big hit in 2011. This time he was right on the money. In fact experts say that mobile bingo will be the main driving force for growth in the bingo sector. Most major bingo operators have already launched mobile applications for iphones and Androids.

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