Tough Times Ahead for American Online Bingo Players

Tougher time may be ahead for American cash online bingo players. Ever since the seizures of two top poker sites back in April online gaming operators have been nervous and are hoping to escape the scrutiny of US authorities. Everyone in the industry was impacted by the heavy handed actions of the US government and a New York federal prosecutor out to make a name for himself. In addition to the shutdown of the poker sites the operators have been charged with bank fraud and recently it was revealed that Full Tilt poker executives paid themselves by dipping into player’s accounts.

The US government has ramped up the pressure on gaming operators including online bingo sites. Funtime bingo was seized by federal authorities and players trying to access the site were greeted by a full page message featuring the logo of homeland security. The fear of prosecution prompted the well known World Bingo Network to cease operations. The WBN had operated several well known and popular sites including Desperate Housewives bingo. Fortunately Funtime bingo reopened and redirected players to a new domain. Funtime bingo also kept players abreast of current developments through their Facebook page. The WBN issued an apologetic statement that said it was impossible to operate in the current environment.

Last May the US department of justice turned their attention to online payment processors. Federal law prohibits banks, credit card companies and online payment processors from handling gambling related transactions. The law has been difficult to enforce because of the global nature of the internet. The DOJ obtained court orders forcing ewallet services such as QuickTender to suspend operations. Accounts were frozen at some payment processors leaving depositors wondering when, and if, they will get their money back. The US government seems determined to close all online bingo and gambling sites or at the very least make them inaccessible to American players.

Many online bingo sites based in the UK and Europe have also withdrawn from the US market. Gaming experts say that legalization of online gaming is inevitable in the US and that gaming companies leaving the US market to avoid violating US laws which could hurt their chances for a US license should legalization occur. Meanwhile the Full Tilt saga continues. Rumor has it that an interested investor is making a deal that would allow the beleaguered company to pay back the $300 million still owed to players.

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