Traditional Bingo is Back !

According to the British newspaper the Daily Star bingo is back. The article points out that live bingo has been down on its luck since the smoking ban and the recession. Other factors contributing to the near demise of live bingo include high taxation and increased licensing fees for bingo halls imposed by local governments. Last year about two bingo halls closed every week throughout the UK. There are still about three million people who attend bingo games regularly and some current figures point to an increase in the number of punters attending live bingo games.

Bingo jackpots can be huge and it is not uncommon to see jackpots of £250,000 ($408,040.77 USD) or more.  Bingo has been a popular game in the UK since the post war years and is considered a part of British culture. Gala Bingo managing director Simon Wykes told reporters, “It is ingrained in our culture. In the UK, we love to meet up with our friends, have a chat, a few drinks and a flutter. It’s this universal appeal that’s the key to its popularity. The smoking ban and the recession have meant we have thought again about what we’re good at. There’s a real buzz when you go to bingo. There’s no doubt that the game is back.”

The article goes on to follow three extremely attractive young ladies to a local bingo hall for an evening out with friends. The women, all in their late teens and early twenties are typical of the new generation of bingo players. A majority of bingo players are female and women dominate bingo halls and internet bingo sites. Vanessa Lansom, 24 stated, “It’s a great way to spend a fun evening. You can catch up with your mates, have a few drinks and hopefully win some cash.” Players have a choice of traditional bingo cards or electronic bingo screens. The ladies play 90 ball bingo which is the most popular bingo game in the UK and some of its former colonies like New Zealand and Australia.

The winnings for the three ladies totaled £200 pounds. ($326.518 USD) All three ladies celebrated with drinks.  Bingo has been around for years and many of the new players at bingo halls were introduced to the game at bingo sites. Bingo halls say that most of the new players are young and usually in their early 20’s. Most younger players participate in games at both live bingo halls and at online bingo sites. The new generation of bingo players ensures the survival of bingo for decades to come.

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