Try Team Bingo For Extra Entertainment

Bingo is one of the most well-known games in the world. In the United States and North America people prefer 75 ball bingo games while across the Atlantic Britons prefer the 90 ball version of the game. Historians say the 90 ball version is descended from an Italian holiday game called Tombola. No matter what form of bingo you may prefer most players agree that the social aspect of the game is most important.

Today many players are forming teams and are playing team bingo for extra excitement. Team bingo is offered at many online bingo sites and players may form teams at live bingo halls. Players can join an existing team or they may want to form their own with friends. Although the games may vary slightly from site to site the basic idea is the same. A team usually consists of three or more players. (The site may set a maximum number of players) Usually team players inform customer support about their team. Whenever a member of a team calls bingo the win is recorded. At the end of ther month statistics are published and team prizes are awarded. Prizes can be cash, loyalty points or whatever the site decides to award.

Players are usually allowed to change teams but only at the end of the month when the stats are reported. Team bingo has a few advantages and the main one is social. Players continue playing as always but are part of a team. The sense of community is important because there is no physical contact between players. Players can use their imaginations and think up quirky team and usernames. Players don’t have to do anything special while playing team bingo. They can still win prizes and they can also benefit from the good luck of team members.

Many online bingo sites encourage team bingo and some even host tournaments for bingo teams. Some land based bingo halls offer team bingo. Team bingo adds a little more competition and excitement to an already exciting game.

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