Two Strange Bingo Court Cases

Two Strange Bingo Court CasesThere have been some strange court cases related to bingo this week. Earlier an 18 year old from Covington Kentucky was ordered by a local judge not to say the word ‘bingo’ for six months. His offense; he went into a bingo hall with a couple of friends and shouted ‘bingo’ effectively disrupting and ending the game that was being played at the time. The audience made of elderly women who take their bingo very seriously were less than pleased with the youth’s actions.

In another strange case four employees of Gala bingo were fired for taking their own food and drink into one of Gala’s other bingo halls while on a day out last year. An employment tribunal in Dundee heard from the workers that their employees fired them on two counts. Their employer contended that they breached their liquor license and that they also breached company policy. Gala regional manager Peter Connor who is now based at the Arbroath Gala Bingo hall and made the decision to fire the workers admitted that their behavior was not a breach of the liquor license or Gala’s staff gaming policy.

The four Gala employees from Fife went to Gala’s Possil Park bingo hall and smuggled alcohol into the club and hid their liquor under the table while playing bingo. Because of their raucous behavior the hall’s management got involved and their employment by Gala was discovered. Two of the four employees, partners William Anderson, 24, and Lori Kennedy, 27, took Gala to the employment tribunal on the grounds of unfair dismissal. The other two employees involved in the incident, Susan Scappaticcio, of Carlton Avenue, Glenrothes, and Sylvia Cunnigham, settled with the company.

Mr. Connor admitted that his wording in the dismissal letter sent to Mr. Anderson and Ms Kennedy could have been better. The letter stated “The reason for your dismissal is that you were in breach of the liquor licence and the Gala staff gaming policy.” Connor said “It should have read that it was a breach of company policy and put our licence in jeopardy.” Connor told Gala’s lawyer that he asked Ms Kennedy what would have happened to other customers in the same circumstances and she replied that the alcohol would have been taken away and the manager would be informed.

When cross examined Connor admitted that there was nothing in the licensing legislation prohibiting players from bringing their own alcohol. All involved will have to wait until May for the tribunal to reconvene and make a decision. The four employees should have stayed at home and played online bingo while they consumed their drinks!

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