UK Bingo Clubs Hard Hit by Storms – Players Go Online

Winter arrived somewhat early in the UK and storms with wind speeds up to 65mph were reported. Flights were canceled, motorists found themselves stranded and train traffic was halted in some places. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland experienced the worst weather and 87 people were stranded on a ferry off Aberdeen Scotland. Many meteorologists are predicting even more severe weather throughout the winter of 2010-11. Bingo clubs were hard hit by the severe weather and many bingo halls reported that attendance was down as much as 80%. A survey taken by the bingo portal Bingo Supermarket showed that about one in ten bingo halls had closed for at least one day during the storms.

Bingo clubs in Scotland were the hardest hit and most bingo clubs reported empty halls as people stayed home. In Yorkshire the storms caused public transportation issues making it difficult for bingo players to attend their regular bingo games. A recent survey showed that out of 50 bingo halls at least 7 had closed their doors during the inclement weather. Bingo giant Gala closed its Castleford and the closure of a Gala bingo club is a rare event. Some club managers said that Health and Safety issues were adding to the problems caused by the storm. In years past it was common for bingo club employees to clear the snow and ice from sidewalks and entrances but these days the fear of frivolous lawsuits has caused most bingo clubs to have a strict policy of not touching the ice and snow making it even more difficult for players.

While land based bingo clubs were suffering from the effects of the storms online bingo game providers were smiling. The storms sent many bingo players online to play at one of the many bingo sites serving the UK market. During the winter of 2009 a severe snowstorm caused a rapid increase in traffic to online bingo sites. During the recent storms many bingo sites are reporting a similar increase in traffic. The huge increase in revenue will also please investors and thanks to the storms bingo providers expect good fourth quarter profits. Bingo fans can play their favorite game and stay warm and comfortable at internet bingo sites and do not have to venture out to attend bingo games. Best of all people who play internet bingo games can win some serious cash which is sure to add to holiday cheer!

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