UK Initiative May Create New Online Bingo Players

The UK internet bingo market is the world’s largest and if a new program succeeds there could easily be a large number of new players at bingo sites. E-commerce expert Martha Lane Fox and current Prime Minister David Cameron have launched an initiative that would create a volunteer force of 100,000 to get more UK residents to use the internet. The network of ‘digital champions’ will be appearing in bingo halls, scout huts and post offices across the country to encourage people to use the internet. The new initiative also includes a range of refurbished computers that will be made available for less than £100 pounds ($163.590 USD) each. Also available will be free broadband access and telephone support.

The aim of the initiative is to increase internet use among the nearly two-thirds of the estimated 8 million Britons who do not currently use the internet. Many not using the internet actually that there is nothing online that would interest them and part of the initiative is to correct this false impression. Many Britons say that price concerns are keeping them offline. Prime Minister Cameron called the initiative “the UK’s biggest-ever cross-sector volunteer force”  and added that “by supporting this vital campaign we really can become the first nation in the world to get everyone online and ensure that something the vast majority of us take for granted can be enjoyed by all of us.”

Research by the BBC said that people are more likely to try the internet if a ‘friendly face’ shows them how to use the internet and what the benefits can be. Lane Fox’s Race Online 2012 organization has partnered with many organizations including some Mecca bingo halls. Since Mecca operates a well known online bingo site the benefits of teaching internet use has clear benefits for the business. Computers starting at £92 ($150.506 USD) are aimed at getting new computer users started. Lane Fox told reporters “Race Online aims to solve the critical social and economic issues that arise when people are left behind as technology advances,” she said. “Today we have addressed issues with access, motivation and skills by creating a network aimed at giving people advice, support and assistance on a local level and kickstarted a low-cost recycled marketplace.”

Lane Fox said that she hoped the initiative which is linked with the 2012 Olympic Games will create a lasting legacy. Lane Fox stated “By 2012, I’d like to think we’ll come close to halving the 9million figure for people who had never used the internet when we started Race Online 2012.”   The initiative could easily create an influx of new players at UK bingo sites.

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