UK Mobile Gambling Doubles

Recent research by a US based company has shown that mobile gaming doubled in the UK during 2009-10. US based IHS Screen Digest said that in 2010 mobile gambling generated £41 million pounds ($66,116,610.29 USD) in 2010 and £19 million pounds ($30,639,404.77 USD) in 2009. HIS said that the reason for the increase was the growing popularity of online gambling and a wider range of smart phones and mobile devices. The Head of Mobile at HIS Screen Digest, Ronan De Renesse, stated “The full implementation of the 2005 UK Gambling Act in 2007 helped change the public perception of mobile gambling by allowing online betting sites to advertise their services on television and radio for the first time.” De Renesse also said that during the last year there had been a widespread increase in advertising for online and mobile gaming services.

De Renesse said that opinions about gambling have changes in recent years. De Renesse said “No longer does gambling conjure an image of a smoky betting shop hidden from the public,” he said. “Instead, betting has crafted itself into a respectable enterprise by using ad campaigns featuring the endorsements of sports pundits.” HIS said that the proliferation of mobile devices has helped the mobile gaming market to achieve record profits in 2009-10. Rapid growth is expected to continue into 2011-12. In the upcoming months the launch of 4G and spectrum auctions will help gaming operators to increase mobile gaming as a source of profits.

Industry experts say that a new wave of fast and glamorous mobile gambling applications will emerge which can be widely promoted in various media.  HIS says that this trend will continue. Statistics from HIS say that 13.7% of the UK population participated in some form of remote gaming during the fourth quarter of 2010. The figure has increased from 9.8% four years earlier. HIS head De Renesse stated “Today’s mobile gambler is very different from the mobile gambler five years ago. Previously, aesthetics and speed were sacrificed for accessibility over a variety of devices. Today, consumers want a quick, good looking application that provides additional content and allows them to place bets, spin a roulette wheel or buy a bingo ticket with the same level of ease that they currently can find online.”

Mobile gaming has been very important to the growth of the online bingo industry. Most bingo sites now have mobile applications that can be downloaded quickly and easily. Mobile bingo is a perfect solution for bingo players on the go.

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