UK Riots Affecting Gaming Industry

The UK Riots: An Overview

Anyone who has been following the news in the United Kingdom is painfully of the rioting that is going on in several major cities. It all started when a young thug pointed a firearm at police and the police shot him. Instead of condemning the bad behavior local residents became angry and the riots started and spread rapidly. Looters ransacked and burnt stores and businesses and police seemed powerless against the violent mobs. Law abiding citizens were forced to stay in their houses to avoid being physically attacked.

In Birmingham Indian shop owners vowed to defend their stores and property. Riots have taken place in London, Birmingham and Liverpool for the past four days and nights. All types of businesses are targets for the mindless mobs including land based betting shops and gaming operations. Several bookmakers’ shops have been looted. Mark Pearson of Betfred said hid company has suffered damage at several locations and the company is in the process of assessing damages. Other bookmakers such as Ladbrokes suffered extensive damages.

Ladbrokes Gets Hit Hard

Ladbrokes released a statement saying that 20 or their bookmaking shops have been affected by vandalism and outright robbery. In the statement Ladbrokes said that 40 Ladbrokes shops in London will close for the duration of the rioting. Ladbrokes said that so far no employees have been injured but that destruction has been extensive. Ladbrokes has a sophisticated 24 hour surveillance system and all images have been given to the police for identification. Ladbroke’s public affairs manager, Richard Royal, said it was a real shock to see the violent actions of a minority affecting the safety of the general law abiding public. Royal also pointed out that businesses need to stay open during these tough economic times and that it will cost millions to repair the damages.

Local UK Bingo Halls

Reports from local bingo halls have been spotty at best. Many land based players are staying home because of the riots. Rioters have been attacking pedestrians at random and bingo players do not want to get caught up in an unpleasant situation. For those that must have their bingo games, online bingo is the best option during the current situation. Players can access their favorite bingo games from the safety of their own homes and do not have to risk going out into dangerous streets. Hopefully the police and government can restore order very soon.

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