UK Woman Steals £7,595 to Fund Online Bingo Habit

For most people, online bingo provides a lot of fun and cheap entertainment. As we discussed previously, the bingo sector shows the importance of casual gamblers. While most online bingo fans play the games responsibly, occasionally things go wrong. Gambling addiction is extremely rare among online bingo players, but it does happen occasionally. In Doncaster, UK, a woman has been charges with stealing thousands of pounds from her disabled mother to fund her online bingo habit. The woman, Alison Scott has been disowned by her family after she stole £7,595 ($12,362.06 USD)from her 70 year old disabled mother.

A Story of Gambling Addiction

Her family was shocked after they received a letter from their mother’s bank warning that the mother was £800 ($1,302.17 USD) over her overdraft limit. Michael Crane, who is Alison’s brother, investigated the bank’s claim and found out that the source of deception was a family member. He said that their mother , Linda Crane, was ‘devastated’ by Alison’s breach of trust and neither has spoken to Alison since the deception was uncovered. Mrs. Crand is a retired hospital clerical worker and suffers from cerebral ataxia which is a severe lack of muscular coordination.

Doncaster Crown Court decided after considering all of the facts of the case to give Alison a suspended sentence. The court was dismayed by Alison’s deception and taking advantage of her position to steal from her mother. Michael Crand told reporters from the Star “Mum wouldn’t want her to get locked up but I did. She shouldn’t have done it. As soon as she heard what Alison had done my mother stopped speaking to her and we haven’t spoken to her since. At first mum thought a complete stranger had got to her bank account, when I found about £6,500 missing, but then the police made enquiries and told us it had gone to Alison’s account.”

How to Spot Problem Gambling

Crane remains skeptical about Alison’s gambling addiction and her ability to pay back the money. Crane stated “My mum was devastated. We found out just before Christmas and we didn’t spend any of that with her. Mum was devastated.She hasn’t paid any of the money back and I don’t suppose she will. I’m not so sure that she has got a gambling addiction – that might be something she claimed when she was found out.”

When she was first arrested Scott denied any wrongdoing but later admitted to the theft and said the money had been used to play online bingo at a tabloid newspaper bingo site. Scott is reportedly attending Gamblers Anonymous to deal with her gambling addiction. The judge, Recorder Henry Prosser, said it was a tough decision and almost sent Scott to prison. The judge stated “You don’t need me to tell you how despicable these offenses were. On a large number of occasions you pilfered from your mother’s account when she trusted you. When a mother can’t trust her own daughter it’s a poor lookout.”

Fortunately a vast majority of online bingo players can go online and participate in bingo games without any problems. Many online bingo sites have programs in place to identify problem gambling and most online bingo sites have links to organizations that provide help for problem gamblers. Opposition to Bingo has historically been defended with arguments about gambling addiction, but people like Alison Scott are the exception, not the rule.

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