Ukash PayPoint Deal and Online Bingo Players

Ukash PayPoint Deal and Online Bingo PlayersIn the UK online bingo players have a huge choice of funding methods available. One of the most popular and convenient is Ukash. Ukash is an electronic cash service and users are given a 19 digit code that represents their prepaid money. Ukash can be purchased at 420,000 locations worldwide. Recently Ukash has received some bad press because scammers have exploited the Ukash system to further their criminal activities. Ukash is designed for the sole purpose of making online purchases and at participating businesses. Most online bingo sites doing business in the UK accept Ukash.

When online bingo players use Ukash they do not have to reveal any personal or financial details. Players enter a voucher code and the money is instantly available. Ukash has entered into a deal with payments and services network operator PayPoint that will enable its customers to withdraw funds from 24,000 locations operated by PayPoint. Online bingo players now have a “convenient and easy way to turn gaming winnings or spare Ukash back into cash.”

Before the deal Ukash online gaming winnings were returned to players in the form of a new code that could be used to make more purchases and could also be combined with other Ukash codes. The new deal extends the convenience of Ukash by allowing players to turn their Ukash into real cash instantly. David Hunter, the Chief Executive Officer for Ukash, stated “At the heart of this new service is our mission to give consumers the utmost flexibility with their Ukash. We also believe it creates even greater appeal for e-commerce retailers to add Ukash to their payment options.”

Other potential uses for Ukash include emergency cash, customer loyalty rewards, promotional awards and cash back offers. The ability to access cash without using plastic adds a new dimension to Ukash and the convenience it offers. Andrew Goddard, Retail Director for Welwyn Garden City-based PayPoint, said “Ukash has proved very popular with our customers and as a footfall generator for our retail partners. We are delighted to add cash withdrawals to our range of cash-out schemes, which enable our retailers to further benefit from the growth and scope of e-commerce.”

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