Veggie Bingo a Big Hit in Chicago

There are all kinds of bingo games. Germany led the way in adapting bingo for educational proposes and today bingo is used in most schools to teach a variety of subjects ranging from math to foreign languages. Bingo has also been a fantastic fund raising tool for charities, churches and veterans organizations. Over the years bingo has generated billions of dollars for a wide variety of programs and worthy causes.  Bingo has become trendy in the gay community and gay bingo games are well attended by both gays and straights and millions have been raised for aids research and programs to help victims of aids.  Many celebrities play bingo and famous bingo games such as those at Hollywood’s Hamburger Mary’s are great places for celebrity watching. There are also humorous bingo games like ‘bullshit bingo’, Obama bingo, buzzword bingo and other outlandish bingo games.

In Chicago Veggie Bingo has attracted hundreds of players. The games are sponsored by Neighbor Space which is a nonprofit urban land trust dedicated to preserving open space and maintains a network of 70 community gardens throughout the city and Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks which offers home delivery of organic produce, dairy products and baked goods. Bingo games take place throughout the summer and early fall and benefit the community gardens. Best of all the prizes include a load of fresh organic produce! Recently the groups dedicated a unique rooftop farm in the heart of Chicago that covers 2,500 square feet and they hope to grow over 1,000 pounds of fresh veggies. The community gardens have the full support of Chicago Mayor Daly and the city administration.

The games are inexpensive and cards are only a dollar or six for five dollars. The games are traditional American 75 ball bingo. Games take place at the Hideout, a local watering hole on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 PM. Although there are no cash prizes, bingo players can win locally produced honey from urban beekeepers, organic fruits and vegetables and all kinds of gastronomic goodies. The sponsors are also planning winter games. It is amazing how the game of bingo can be adapted for so many unique purposes, especially with all the possibilities that online bingo sites have provided to the internet bingo game.

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