Wagering Requirements Explained

bingo-cardWhen signing up at an online bingo site many players do not bother to read the wagering, or playthrough, requirements which can lead to trouble. In fact most disputes take place because players did not take the trouble to read the wagering requirements or they were written in a way that was confusing to the player. At some less than reputable bingo sites the wagering requirements may be written in such a way as to be deliberately confusing but this is rare. Thanks to today’s highly competitive online bingo market operators must provide stellar customer service if they are to remain profitable. In most cases wagering requirements apply to bonuses.

Bonuses are awarded to players every time they make a deposit. Usually the first deposit bonus, known as a welcome bonus, is the largest. Some sites award players 500% and up for their welcome bonuses. Some sites offer no deposit bonuses but it is highly unlikely that any bingo operator would allow a player to win other people’s money without taking any risk themselves. One sort of wagering requirement is known as a ‘ multiplier requirement.’ These wagering requirements are usually listed as 2X, 4X or 10X. The higher the number the more games the player has to play before any winnings may be withdrawn. To find out how much will have to be wagered simply take the amount of the deposit and multiply it by the wagering requirement. This will be the amount the player must spend before any winnings may be cashed out.

For example; if the player has signed up at a site and accepts a £16 free bonus. The wagering requirements say the player must wager 10Xthe bonus, or £160 before any winnings may be withdrawn. If the player is lucky and manages to win £160 the player can spend these funds and may withdraw any winnings. Every bingo site has different wagering requirements so it is always wise to read and understand all of the terms and conditions and wagering requirements.

In addition to wagering requirements some sites have minimum withdrawal amounts. This will not be important to most players unless they wish to withdraw small amounts. Most sites with minimum cash outs have the requirements clearly listed on the site. Some online bingo sites also have minimum deposit requirements. This is usually stated as a flat cash amount and no money may be withdrawn until the minimum deposit requirements have been met. Wagering requirements have been the subject of numerous complaints on bingo blogs and forums. In most cases the player misunderstood the requirements.

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