Webcams and Online Bingo

One of the most popular features at online bingo sites like BingoBoat are chat rooms that allow online bingo players to socialize while playing games. Many experts’ credit chat rooms for the popularity of online bingo and special chat games make chat rooms even more popular. Chat rooms enable bingo players to socialize in real time and since the internet is global players at bingo sites are able to interact with players from other countries and cultures. Many players cite chat rooms as the primary reason for selecting a particular online bingo site.

During the past few years the widespread availability of webcams has allowed a more personal form of internet communication. Webcams enable face to face communication on the internet. Webcam capabilities have been added to several instant messaging services. Webcams have enabled soldiers stationed overseas to communicate with their families for very little cost. The popular video sharing website YouTube hosts many videos produced with webcams.

Online bingo game providers are always searching for new and original ways to attract new players and add realism to their games. Rumor has it that several online bingo providers may add webcam capabilities to their chat rooms. The addition of webcams will add a whole new dimension to online bingo games. People who play internet bingo will now be able to engage in face to face conversations while playing bingo. At land based bingo halls conversations during games is highly discouraged. This is mostly due to the fact that land based bingo players must concentrate on marking their bingo cards. Online players can play on ‘auto daub’ and can happily shat away while playing several cards at once.

Chat hosts will now be able to appear on webcams adding a new layer to online bingo chat rooms. Recent industry reports indicate that several online bingo providers are already making the necessary changes designed to allow the use of webcams in chat rooms. Many expect new software allowing the use of webcams to go online as soon as November 2010. Players logging into an online bingo game will have the option to have their webcam turned on or off. The use of webcams is set to change the whole social networking aspect of online bingo. The use of webcams is spreading rapidly and the online bingo industry is getting ready to take advantage of this new social networking opportunity.

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