What Are the Benefits of Online Bingo ?

online-bingo-hallCan playing online bingo actually make you smarter? Probably not but recent studies have revealed real evidence that playing bingo can be good for your mental and physical health. Bingo has been used for educational purposes for well over a century. Germans developed the first educational bingo games before the turn of the 20th century. Bingo is especially good at teaching math, language and vocabulary skills. Studies done recently have shown that social activities such as bingo many increase life spans by as much as 20%. This should be good news for players around the world.

Recent psychological studies and research done at the University of Southampton in the UK showed that bingo players did better on specific mental tests than non players. One surprising find was that older bingo players did better than their younger counterparts while performing certain tasks. Online and land based bingo require fast reactions, hand- eye coordination, mental speed, and concentration. Researchers found that age related mental decline is caused by inactivity and since bingo games require players to use a variety of mental abilities it can slow or stop mental decline associated with aging.

One of the Southampton researchers told interviewers “Bingo players, whether young or old, were faster and more accurate than non bingo players on many tests of cognitive function. Moreover, in certain tasks older bingo players significantly outperformed younger players.” Other studies have brought good news to regular bingo players. At Harvard University studies showed that social activities such as online and land based bingo can increase life spans by 20%. A psychology researcher at Southampton University is using tests to measure the psychological benefits of online bingo and other social activities. Research has clearly shown that most bingo players see the game as a social activity and do not consider it to be gambling.

Most people played their first bingo game as children. Bingo has been a popular home based game for decades and is still a top selling game along with monopoly. Bingo games are popular among senior citizens. Many long term care facilities and church groups host bingo games. In addition to socializing players have the chance to win some much needed cash. Typical bingo games are very simple and no special skills are necessary to play. The game can be altered to make it more interesting and different card patterns may be used. Playing bingo will keep your mind sharp and slow the aging process.

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