What Are the Responsibilities of an Online Bingo Chat Leader ?

Most online bingo players have dreamed at one time or another of becoming a chat moderator. For most it appears to be an easy and fun job but just how easy is it in reality? Chat leaders play games, joke with the players and are there to help with problems and site issues. As one author said, bingo chat leaders are the glue that holds the online bingo experience together. A lot of people apply whenever an opening is available for a new chat leader.

Chat leaders have many responsibilities and the job is far from easy. Ask just about any chat leader and they will say the job is a lot harder than they thought it would be. If the job only involved talking and joking with players it would be a dream job. A chat leader’s responsibilities include making sure all of the games are running smoothly and if they are not they need to fix the problem or contact the appropriate person. They must deal with inquiries from players and must be able to solve problems and resolve disputes. Chat leaders need to be entertaining enough to keep players coming back for more. They must also keep track of the called numbers in case a player misses the call. They also need to organize and manage special chat room games.

In most cases chat leaders do not get any breaks during their shift. There are very few off days and chat leaders must be available for any assigned shift. Since games take place 24/7 chat leaders may be required to work odd hours. If they are ill they cannot show it to the players. Chat leaders must be vibrant and energetic every time they are on the site. At most of the well-established bingo sites new players sign up daily and the chat leader must meet and greet new players. A grumpy chat leader can drive players away and surly chat leaders do not last long. Like any employee dealing with the public chat leaders are subject to reviews by players. Players can make or break a chat leader.

In addition to being constantly personable chat leaders must learn some of the technical aspects of an online bingo site. Chat leaders need to learn how to operate some of the game software and must be familiar with browsers and how they affect games. They must also help players with deposit and withdrawal issues and should be familiar with all of the terms and conditions associated with any bonuses or promotional offers. Obviously the job of chat leader is not as easy as it sounds. For those still interested in employment as a chat leader there are a few websites that list all available jobs in the bingo industry.

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